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Boniface is a young guy from Winnipeg in Canada. Here there is a neighbourhood called St. Boniface. It’s more of a quite place, beautiful and unique, the musician Micah Visser thinks, why he called his project Boniface. In his hometown he learned to play violin, Saxophone, guitar and piano and startet interpreting songs by Leonard Cohen and also by The Weakerthans. Very often his brother Joey, two years older, was around and he encouraged him to bring the songs, written in the bedroom, in front of a wider audience. Now, he has released “I will not return as a tourist”, a very powerful, lyrical and personal debut single, where he sings about not just being the spectator of his own life but really participating in it. Visser involves himself completely in elegant, individual indie pop with shoegaze bits. Lyrics and vocals are clearly foregrounded. After his debüt on BBC Radio 1 many blogs discovered Boniface already.




"I Will Not Return as a Tourist"


I Will Not Return as a Tourist by Boniface


Micah Visser - Forward

Micah Visser - Forward Boniface

Released: November 26, 2016

Label: Birthday Tapes

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