Disraeli Dreamers

Disraeli Dreamers

Alternative Indie Light Rock Pop Rock


Ever felt like there was more?

Dare to dream!

Disraeli Dreamers comes from the thriving Winnipeg music and arts scene, home to some of the most innovative and talented artists to ever walk the earth.  Their sound is diverse and hard to easily categorize, moving effortlessly from funky jams to punk-inspired high-energy rockers.  They have been compared to bands like the Royal Blood and Tragically Hip.  The goal is simple: make music that moves your body and rocks your soul!

Comprised of veteran musicians, The Dreamers aims to create tunes for a broad audience that makes you dance and makes you feel.  Passionate, creative, and full of energy, Disraeli Dreamers’ mission is to create good vibes that will resonate with you long after the songs are over and the night is done.

Disraeli Dreamers is gearing up to release their sophomore EP, Insomnia Island in early 2018.  The record was recorded at the famed Studio 11 in Winnipeg, and produced by Jason Gordon (Kanye West, Inward Eye).  Although it is not released yet, the record is already grabbing the music community's attention.  Disraeli Dreamers were selected as top 50 finalists in Canada in the Jim Beam Make History Talent search, which was coordinated through Canadian Music Week.  The single, 'Little Lie', was featured in the UK-based A&R Factor's award-winning music blog.  The album as a whole has been generating positive reviews from music critics.  Insomnia Island comes off the heels of The Lucid, the debut EP from Disraeli Dreamers, which was released in May of 2017.  The lead single, 'So Long Ago', became a favorite on college stations across Canada and the United States, garnering indie radio play on 35 stations.

Dream On, friends!


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"Little Lie" from Insomnia Island



"Everest" from Insomnia Island

The Lucid EP



"Beauty and Pain" from The Lucid EP


Shotguns & Chivalry (lyrics video) by Disraeli Dreamers

Everest (live) by Disraeli Dreamers

Beauty and Pain (live) by Disraeli Dreamers

Disraeli Dreamers - So Long Ago acoustic - live with Wheeler and Rena on 92 CITI FM by Disraeli Dreamers


The Lucid EP

The Lucid EP Disraeli Dreamers

Released: May 9, 2017

Producer: Aaron Ranville, Tim Tkachyk

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Disraeli Dreamers
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Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds
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