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Electric Soul

Ambient, Funk, Indie, Jazz, Prog Rock, Rock

Electric Soul is a band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The band is comprised of Ed Durocher, Dave Guenette, Chris Tuschcherer and Joey Decosse. Rooted in Rock n Roll, Electric Soul uses the diverse musical backgrounds of all it's members to persent a fun, and engaging, atmosphere to it's fans.

Electric Soul was founded in June of 2011, and soon started performing the following August. Their first release is a 4 song EP called "The Light that Burns Beneath"  in May of 2012. Since their beginnings, Electric Soul has shared the stage with such Prominant acts such as: Head of the Herd, Five Alarm Funk, Mahogany Frog, Mariachi Ghost and The Dirty Catfish Brass Band.

During the winter of 2012/2013 the band stepped into Bedside Studios with award winning producer Lenny Milne(Perpatrators, Romi Mayes) to record what would become the bands first full length album Second Paradise. Since releasing the album it has charted around Canada (making it on to the National TOP 50, to #23) and have enjoyed positive reviews from publications in Winnipeg and around Canada as well. They are now perparing to head out of town to tour Western Canada in the fall and spring.

While unsubscribed to any predetermined standards of genre branding, Electric Soul is as comfortable on a caberet stage as they are in front of a festival crowd ready to dance.





Dave Guénette
32-100 Wickham Road Winnipeg MB Canada R2N1M2
1 204 951 7918




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