Emma Cloney

Emma Cloney

Acoustic Bluegrass Folk Roots Singer/songwriter


Emma Cloney
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 997 7489


       "Those who seek out the sincerity and tradition of carefully crafted folk music will treasure the story telling of Emma Cloney’s music. Undeniable are the influences of blues, bluegrass, Celtic and country in her instrumentation and melodies, but there is also is just enough pop rhythm to remind listeners of Emma’s youthful and playful side.

       With tremendous vocal range, Emma’s voice is sultry and haunting, allowing listeners to intimately experience her vulnerabilities, while championing her triumphs. An “old soul” vocally, Emma showcases a stunning vibrato that hints to her Irish roots while transcending audiences to the moment, here and now, with contemporary musicianship that respectfully and relentlessly pays tribute to the folk genre."


Emma Cloney is flying high, perhaps more than she ever has. Her feathers, both literally and figuratively, have helped her soar. When you meet the late-twenties singer-songwriter, one of the first things you’ll notice are the feather earrings that drape intertwined with her long brown hair. A symbol of strength for Emma, the feathers, according to the Winnipeg artist, are always by her side to help her fly again. She needed the lift as life on her
bucolic ranch unwillingly slipped away from her possession. Before long, Emma and her family settled for urban confines far from the wide open spaces on her ranch she rustled up just a few years ago.

Emma may have traded stars for streetlights, but considers herself on the winning end of the trade. The experience of “losing” blessed her with an appreciation for all that she
had gained. Emma had found the strength of resilience, the humility of persistence and the ability to embrace humour as a welcome relief. All of this and more make up the inspiration
for Emma Cloney’s second full-length album, Stars for Streetlights (set for release in fall 2013).
Written and recorded through much of 2012 and 2013, Emma Cloney recruited a cadre of Canada’s best folk/roots players to help her bring her inspiration into musical reality.
Including a few members of the Grammy nominated/Juno winning The Duhks, plus the likes of folk fixture Dan Frechette and Canadian fiddle master, Patti Lamoureux, Stars for Streetlights blends the sultry, sensual and sensitive of side of Emma Cloney fans have come to cherish. The album was produced by folk aficionado Scott Nolan and multi-instrumentalist, Jeremy Rusu.
Aptly titled Something to Say (2011), Emma Cloney spoke volumes on her debut album. However, on Stars for Streetlights , the self-assured artist speaks even louder without even so much as a shout, relying on powerful vocals, compelling stories, mastered musicianship and brilliant harmonies to connect with her audience. Little did Emma know that the vulnerability that clipped her wings over the past couple of years has ultimately helped her fly once again only higher.



Something to Say



"Daddy's Guild Guitar" from Something to Say


Lie to Me by Emma Cloney

Stars for Streetlights Promo by Emma Cloney

Emma Cloney Acoustic and Interactive by Emma Cloney


Stars for Streetlights

Stars for Streetlights Emma Cloney

Released: October 12th, 2013

Label: Independent

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Something to Say

Something to Say Emma Cloney

Released: March 8th, 2011

Producer: Studio 11 Entertainment and Recording Studios

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