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French Press

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Youthful Trouble is the debut album from indie alt-pop artist French Press, aka singer-songwriter Chantel Emond. Armed with catchy hooks, striking vocals, and a driving rhythm section, this bilingual Winnipeg-based artist channels 90s pop, grunge rock, and surf vibes while exploring themes of repression, rebellion, and empowerment.

The album captures an era of trial and resilience, a story all too familiar with 20-somethings. The highs and lows, the struggle, and the glory of it all. “It's restless pop echoing the vibrations of your youth,” says Emond. “There's a vibe about the record. it's hurt, but tough. You're pushing up against a wall…trying to make something of yourself.”

Leadoff single, “Plato's Cave”, opens the record with an explosive sing-along hook, and was written after a summer spent listening to Best Coast and Wavves. Emond explains, "I was reflecting on where I wanted to be in 10 years, and began to ponder: Did I have to conform to societal pressures. to get married and have kids, or could I be bold and defy expectations? The song explores reality vs. illusion.”

The music video for “Plato's Cave”, which was shot on iPhone 4's over a weekend in Montreal, is an impressive display from Winnipeg-born filmmaker Mylene Simard (Thus:Owls, The Luyas). With a DIY budget, it cost price of a roundtrip-flight and a few hundred dollars to make.

Written in bedrooms, and between shows at Thai and Moroccan hotels, Youthful Trouble was engineered and produced in Winnipeg by up-and-coming indie tastemakers at Collector Studio, and Private Ear Recording (Royal Canoe, Propagandhi).

Career highlights include a residency at the Banff Centre in 2014, and a 5-week European tour (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic) in support of singer-songwriter Matt Epp in 2015. French Press' record Youthful Trouble is slated for release in the fall of 2016. 




"Back on the Mattress" from Under the Gun EP



"Heart Full of Anger"


French Press - Youthful Trouble Album Teaser by French Press

Dark Horse (Katy Perry Cover) by French Press

Heart Full of Anger by French Press


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