The Grey Jays

The Grey Jays

Francophone Jazz Pop Roots Soul



Brainy but physical beats, emotional roller coasters of crescendos to whispers while instruments do the talking and voices do the singing, Grey Jays are a hybrid indie/jazz/rock band. Outside it’s often frigid so they go downstairs and do what they can to make an oven. The Grey Jays arrange Holly’s earnest, vulnerable songwriting with varied orchestration. This is owed to the diverse musical backgrounds of Tyson Eidse (drums, percussion), Finley Allison (guitar, bass on album, vocal harmonies), and Lucas Redekop (bass). Finley co-writes the music of some songs with Holly. They have established themselves over the last three years, playing dozens of shows in and around Winnipeg MB, coast to coast as a duo, and as a full band, stretching as far east as Peterborough, Ontario. They will be touring this year to promote their new arrangements. 










"Homme Mystérieux"


One Side Of The Story by The Grey Jays

The Grey Jays - Homme Mysterieux by The Grey Jays

The Grey Jays - Tarn Chateau by The Grey Jays



Birds The Grey Jays

Released: September 28, 2015

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