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JD and the Sunshine Band

JD and the Sunshine Band makes music inspired by the people of downtown Winnipeg. Based out of the Sunshine House- a drop-in centre located at the intersection of Logan and Sherbrook which serves street-involved and homeless people and promotes ingenuity, and a DIY mentality that inspires people from across cultural barriers to work together to rethink their surroundings.  This was the case for JD and the Sunshine Band.  Over the winter months of 20113-2014, a motley crew of musicians and street-involved people gathered at the Sunshine House, where the stories, slang and humour of the group were given a backbeat and melody and put back on the streets with renewed swagger.  The results are undeniably Winnipeg, like slurpees in January.  

The creation of the band has helped forge a partnership between cultures that don't get to cross paths often.  Charged with the task of working together to shine a light and uncover some hidden gems that exist exclusively in our fair city, and to "recontextualize [these] found objects" to surprising effect.  The creation of this band, and effect that the Sunshine House has had on the lives of the people involved, has helped open doors to creativity and lasting relationships, and most importantly helps shine a light on the importance of a good idea, and the work that can come out of it.  

The band released their first cd in April of 2014 to warm reception.  Since that day, the band have had the opportunity to play their brand of Winnipeg country folk to ever growing audiences.  

The band is gearing up to release their sophomore album in May, 2016, and touring throughout Manitioba in the summer of 2016.  Make sure your shades are on.  There will be another serious blast of sunshine coming your way.  




JD Ormond
1-150 Langside St Winnipeg MB Canada R3C1Z4
1 204 997 9704


"No One To Care"

"Saturday Night"


JD and the Sunshine Band

JD and the Sunshine Band
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Heard That One Before

JD and the Sunshine Band- "Saturday Night"

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JD and the Sunshine Band
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Winnipeg, MB

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