Jekyll and the Hydes

Jekyll and the Hydes

Blues Classic Rock Grunge Indie Rock


Chris Forsyth
1368 Clifton street Winnipeg MB Canada R3E2V
1 204 807 5777


Completed Album Roll On Release in Febuary 2017.

Group of 4 talented musicians lead by Chris Forsyth exposing there song writing efforts. By displaying a very interactive relationship between members for performances.  The project is much of reflection into the personal depths of Lead vocalist/ guitarist Chris Forsyth. With members Adam Goretzen/Lead guitarist, Beau Turner/Drums, and Steve Silver/Bass delivering the message with an aggressive but Clean driven tone typically the roots of Rock and Blues. Performing music from Artists of very familiar territory as well as there self written material. The groups member carry a genuine attitude extremely professional and are suitable to all ages.


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