Michaela Loewen



Michaela Loewen
860 Kildonan Drive 183 Balmoral Street Winnipeg MB Canada R2K2E
1 204 791 1449


In the beginning, there was a violin, then there was a guitar, then came the voice and songs just followed. It was almost instinctive.Michaela’s freshman album “Currents” is a culmination of her many instrumental talents, her fresh vocals, as well as her love for writing.


“I think music has been in my blood from day one. I listen to anything and everything I can get my ears to. I think what I love most is the way music can make you feel - that back of the neck spine tingling arm hair raising feeling… that’s what I try to recreate for myself.”


She’s definitely not kidding around. Michaela’s sound is unique ( a word she smiles bashfully around when used) and not just because it’s something she’s heard a million times. Her sound is totally and completely her own. To talk about Michaela’s music is tantamount to talking about the lady herself. A blend of folk, americana, world and roots, she sews them all together into a colourful tapestry of songs that can appeal to fans of indie to country.


Her first album is filled with toe tappers, grooves, tear jerkers and some feel good drive-down-a-sunny-highway songs to list a few. It’s an emotional journey to say the least. “ -a lot of these songs stem from certain emotions I have at the time and sometimes I feel like these songs are not my own voices but of different characters stories that needed to be told.” Michaela Loewen is bright, fresh and genuine, showcasing her talents with her freshman album “Currents”.


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