Manitoba Independent Songwriters Circle (MISC)


Tim Braun


'I haven't had this much fun with songwriting since I was in my first original rock band back in the 70's. ' says performing songwriter, Dan Stupich, 'The sense of community and creative energy buzz generated by the circle is amazing. I recommend MISC to any songwriter of any level who's interested in advancing their art.'   Make our website one of your fav`s and check back often for circle dates, locations and special events!

We love guests! Please come visit our monthly song circles and meet some friendly people! Songs don`t need to be complete and polished - in fact, that`s what the circles are for! We bring songs that need test driving and an audience who can give practical and meaningful feedback! Just remember to bring ten copies of your song lyrics, a way to present your song (guitar, CD, etc) and a pen.

Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend 2 song circles free of charge to check things out. By then, you will know that we`re the place and the people to bring your songs for encouraging helpful feedback! Then you can either become a MISC Member for the yearly membership fee of $20 CDN (pro-rated quarterly) and enjoy all the privledges that membership brings (performance opportunites, workshops, etc) OR you can pay a $2.00 drop-in fee per circle.

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