Monika  Wall

Monika Wall

Jazz Pop Singer/songwriter Swing/Big Band World Music


Monika Wall
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 667 8792
1 204 667 8792


By connecting the sounds of many cultures, Monika Wall has created her own jazz-based vintage cabaret music. An award winning, international singer, her deep roots in the classics, from the lushness of Puccini to the charm of Porter, feed her music reminiscent of bygone eras. Her signature sound includes the charm of Europe and the timeless elegance of Hollywood’s golden age. Monika’s voice spans several octaves while transitioning from jazz/blues to cabaret/classical.

Having won several competitions in Canada (Best Performance of Original Composition by Michael Matthews in the Eckhard-Gramatee National Competition, Northwest Regional Metropolitan Opera Competition) she participated in a vocal competition in Hamburg. Realizing that time spent in Europe would be essential to her career she spent five years from Montpellier to Vienna to Berlin before returning to her native Winnipeg. She continued building on her established solo work in classical music, jazz and spirituals (Manitoba Opera, Philharmonic Choir, Gilbert and Sullivan Society, CBC Hymn Sing, Rainbow Stage).

One night she woke to a melody echoing in her head. “The fact that they came as 3 songs in one night finally made me take my songwriting seriously,” remembers Monika. Since that call to song writing she has written over 90 songs including a 20 song Christmas work. Her debut CD of originals (Parallel Mondo) has all the elements of music which have filled her life. 

This past year has been an extremely active year for Monika singing in numerous concert series and all over Manitoba from Pinawa to as far north as Thompson.

“Walls’ music hearkens back to the jazz/cabaret days of Marlene Dietrich. She is a classically trained singer which was abundantly clear when she ended the first set with Puccini no less! The audience was stunned by the transition.” (EMCA Concert Seriesin The Paper, Pinawa)

In Winnipeg she sang with Ron Paley’s Big Band at the Lyric Theatre, The Manitoba Club and Mardi Jazz Series. In February she was invited to share songs from her classical past reincarnated as jazz interpretations in the Winnipeg Jazz Nu Sounds Series. This discerning audience responded warmly to a sound that they haven’t heard before and a unique new voice emerging.

Her Christmas project ‘Handmaid of the Lord’ has been growing steadily for the past 4 years since it was first written. This past Christmas it was expanded to include 5 soloists and a choir.

“Monika ‘s singing was masterful in its variety of styles....emotionally charged and effectively portrayed. “-John Enns-President of Prairie Performances

Word is spreading through radio interviews (CBC, Thompson, Classic 107, UMFM), reviews (The Herald, Pinawa Paper) and radio play (CBC, Classic 107, Radioplay, Live 365, UMFM) have informed audience of a compelling new voice.



Parallel Mondo



"Looking Glass" from Parallel Mondo



"Guy Thing" from Parallel Mondo


Amazing Grace feat. Red Moon Road by Monika Wall

Arriverderci Roma by Monika Wall

Bizet's Habanera (Carmen) by Monika Wall

Monika Wall on SHAW Winnipeg! by Monika Wall


Parallel Mondo

Parallel Mondo Monika Wall

Released: March 20, 2012

Producer: Michael Petkau Falk

Label: Independent

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