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It Ain't Easy Being Green

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First off, yes. The blog title? Groan. Nextly... folk/rocker Jack Johnson, his indie label, and mellow green crusade.

Johnson, whose latest album has sold over 2 million copies, not only holds his label, studio and tours to high environmental standards, he also encourages those he works with (like big boy Universal) to be more responsible, including the artists on his roster. According to an article on

Additional actions taken by Brushfire tours will include fueling tour vehicles with sustainable biodiesel, offering eco-friendly merchandise, working with venues to create waste management programs, onsite recycling and encouraging fans to use alternative transportation.

Back at home, Brushfire has adopted a similar strategy. All the power for the recording studios and the offices is generated by solar panels. Insulation is supplied by cotton from scraps of blue jeans. Energy-efficient lighting runs throughout the building. Second-hand furniture is all you will find in its offices.

The music industry is based on the creation of products (even digital music uses power) and travel. Meanwhile, there are plenty of music folks who are trying to do something to...

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Doc Walker Nets 12 Country Music Award Nods

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Hometown favourite Doc Walker has solidified its place as one of Canada’s top country music recording acts this year. The country rock outfit and its latest release on Open Road Recordings, Beautiful Life, is up for an impressive six artistic awards and six industry awards at this year’s Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMA). Manitoba artists and industry professionals are up for an unprecedented 19 awards.

The nationally-televised awards show, one of Canada's annual entertainment highlights, is part of the Canadian Country Music Association's annual Country Music Week, taking place in Winnipeg September 5-8, 2008. Hosted by Terri Clark, the awards gala will take over downtown Winnipeg’s MTS Centre on the final evening of festivities, September 8.

This year’s Honourary Chairs of Country Music Week, Doc Walker competes for the Group of the Year award again after picking up the trophy in 2004 and 2007. The band is also up for the Fan’s Choice Award, Single of the Year, Songwriters of the Year, Video of the Year, and Album of the Year as well as industry nods for Website of the Year, Video Director of the Year, and Album Design of the Year. Three members of Doc Walker are...

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The Russians are Coming...

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Russia is again a ‘Hot Topic’ for the Manitoba Music blog as it was announced today that the Russian government is attempting to draft a law that will make ‘emo’ and ‘goth’ music illegal, as reported by

“The [Moscow] Times says the bill defines ‘emos’ as "from 12 to 16 years old and wear black and pink clothing. They have black hair with long bangs that 'cover half the face,' black fingernails, black belts peppered with studs and pins, and ear and eyebrow piercings." (Which pretty much classifies every 'trendy' person nowadays.)

These legislations will attempt to regulate ‘emo’ related websites and also ban people who dress like ‘emos’ (not emus) to enter schools and government buildings.

Emo/goth culture is seen as negative in Russian culture because, “The "negative ideology" of emo culture may push young people toward depression and social withdrawal, and the movement carries a significant risk of suicide, especially for young girls.”

Meanwhile, the Moscow News reports that "Dozens of black-clad emo music fans" protested the proposed legislation Saturday in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. Although none of the protestors in the accompanying photo appear...

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Do You Know Who's Selling Your Music

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As an independent artist, I'm constantly looking for inspiration from other artists, and I'm constantly discovering new singers via the internet or my favorite, the radio. I actually discovered Valery Gore (a true gem) on the CBC. I was so taken with her that I went online and bought her CD right away (because her music made me happy).

Feeding my curiosity at what one might find on the internet if they discovered my music on the radio (or wherever), I entered my name into the search engine. I was hoping that my website would appear along with the CD Baby website. Either result would make it easy for a possible new fan to get their hands on my album fast! Although these websites did appear as a result of my search, so did countless
other websites. To my shock and dismay, many websites offered to sell my little independent , I-spent-every-dime-I-had-to-make-this- album for as little as $1.50 or 20 cents a song (what a deal!).

When I spoke with CD Baby about what I had discovered they told me to send 'cease and desist' letters, pronto. I got back on my computer and looked up every contact name for these shady websites that I could find. Though some of these websites...

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Now taking submissions for Manitoba Showcases at Country Music Week

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SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, August 1, 2008 at 4pm

MARIA and MANITOBA FILM & SOUND are co-producing showcasing opportunities during the Country Music Week, which takes place in Winnipeg this fall. The showcases will take place at two venues in downtown Winnipeg on Saturday, September 6 and will be targeted towards both delegates of Country Music Week as well as the general public. We are currently seeking Manitoba talent appropriate for this market.

To be considered for a performance for these showcases, please submit:
- EPK with link to three songs/videos
- Press kit including CD

Submit by 4pm on Friday, August 1, 2008 to:

Manitoba Showcase Selection Panel
1-376 Donald Street
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2J2

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Doc Walker Up For Fan's Choice

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Manitoba-based country rock favourites Doc Walker are up for the Fan's Choice Award at the 2008 Canadian Country Music Awards, the Canadian Country Music Association has announced.

The trio was recently named this year's Honourary Chairs of Country Music Week, which takes place in Winnipeg September 5-8, 2008. Their latest album, Beautiful Life, was released earlier this year. The rest of the CCMA nominations will be released on July 30.

They're up against Paul Brandt, George Canyon, Emerson Drive, and Jessie Farrell for the award. Beginning July 25 until September 7 at 11:59 EST, the public can vote online at for their choice. The winner will be announced during the CCMA Awards in Winnipeg on September 8, 2008. The show will be broadcast nationally on CBC Television with encore broadcasts on CMT.

Doc Walker won the 2007 CCMA Award for Album of the Year for their last self-titled release.

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I Like Mike

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I heart Record of the Week Club. The latest brainchild from producer/musician Mike Petkau, ROTWC has been putting up fascinating song creations for the past nine weeks. This week's hit my inbox just after 4am featuring an unlikely and stunning collaboration between Tele's Matt Worobec, Anthem Red's Jo Snyder, and D.Rangers' Jaxon Haldane. I started my morning with the fantastically melancholic but upbeat ditty complete with gypsy guitar, harmonium, epic electric guitar, and Snyder and Worobec singing in ways I've never heard from them before.

Petkau's project creates threeway collaborations by artists handpicked from a pile of self-submissions. They gather together on a Wednesday night -- unaware of who they'll be playing with until they arrive -- working with Petkau to create a track that's composed, recorded, mixed, and distributed in one night. 

Petkau's been great and putting together surprising threesomes. There've been classical violinists, roots singers, funk DJs, electronic artists, jazz drummers, indie popsters, rock singers and more in lots of different combinations. Some of them work brilliantly, some of them could use a little more refining, but that's part...

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MARIA Newsletter - Summer 2008

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The summer issue of the MARIATALK quarterly newsletter is out and mailed. Click here to download your own copy (7.47 MB PDF)

Scott Nolan profile by Melissa Martin
Mike Petkau and Record of the Week Club profile by Jen Zoratti
Pyramid Cabaret Celebrates 20 Years by Mike Warkentin

Trademarking Your Band Name
What's New on
Farewell to Sam Baardman
Message from Interim Executive Director Sara Stasiuk
Message from the MARIA Board - John Kendle
Pictures from North by Northeast 2008

Regular Features...
Member News
Aboriginal Music Program News
Market Access Program News
A Sample of New Music Releases
Manitoba Film & Sound Notes
FACTOR Funding Deadlines
Manitoba Music Out and About Pictures

Click here to download your own copy (7.47 MB PDF)

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One Feist, Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha, Two Feists...

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Music darling Feist lived out the dream of every musician and filmed a segment with a modified version of her song "1 2 3 4" on Sesame Street.

This is particularly fascinating given Feist's questionable counting skills; original lyrics include "One, two, three, four, five, six, nine, or ten / Money can't buy you back the love that you had then". This issue was ignored by re-writers who only have Feist counting to four and, apparently, loving it ("I love counting / Counting to the number four"). The segment is a nice play on Feist's popular video for "1 2 3 4," including her entrance, although there is a disappointing lack of sequins.

The Real Question: Will this overtake Sesame Street's disco hit counting song in popularity? A quick poll amongst people at my desk (i.e. me) indicates no because counting to four lacks the sheer emotional impact of counting to 12.

(Manitoba Music Trivia: Acoustically Inclined did a fantastic cover of the counting song live on the Winnipeg Folk Festival mainstage -- and probably elsewhere -- back in the '90s.)

P.S. - My mom has that exact same peasant shirt. Yay...

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EU Proposes to Extend Copyright for Performers

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The European Commission this week released a proposal to extend copyright protection for performers and sound recordings to 95 years, bringing it into line with the copyright term for authors and composers in the region, which is currently 70 years.

The current term of 50 years means that performers can outlive the copyright, losing a revenue stream late in life, when arguably they need it the most. The extended protection would also apply to record companies, allowing labels to generate increased revenues on back catalog as the industry continues toward increased digital distribution and falling CD sales.

This proposal follows other unsucessful attempts to extend copyright, most noteably in the UK. In 2005 the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property advised against copyright extension.

Unfortunately for Canadian performers and record companies, recent Canadian copyright debates and the proposed copyright reform legislation are stuck in a place far from this issue. Current copyright terms in Canada are 50 years. Extended copyright terms for performers would provide income and recognition where it is well deserved, with the performers.

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Hangover Desk

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Shocking news out of the BBC... apparently one in three people has been hungover at work, one in 10 people has been drunk at their desk and it is causing significant problems for offices. According to a study by Norwich Union Healthcare, some of the worst offenders work in the creative industries...

Forty-one per cent of people working in media and creative jobs said they had been to work while still drunk - four times the average."
Click here to read the full disturbing and revolutionary article...

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Folk Music Invades Brandon

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The Brandon Folk Music & Art Festival is set to get underway for its 24th summer on July 25 to 27 at the Keystone Centre Grounds. This year’s event offers the people of Brandon and beyond the opportunity to come together as a community and observe and support our many talented artists, musicians, and performers.

While smaller than the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Brandon Folk Fest offers a diverse line-up of musical talent as well as workshops, open mics, and spoken word.  

Manitoba acts hitting the stage this year include Twilight Hotel, Jacob and Lily, Venus Murphy, The Dusty Roads Band, Serena Postel, Little Black Dress, and Jeremy Proctor. The line-up also includes acts like Saskatoon's Deep Dark Woods, Vancouver's CR Avery, Toronto's David Hein, and California's That 1 Guy.

Brandon's weather forecast looks pretty sunny and warm, so for people who skipped out on some of Winnipeg's Folk Fest due to the storm insanity might consider a weekend trip.

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Bands Sells "Naming" Rights to Fund New CD

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An indie rock band from Tempe Arizona has come up with a scheme for enticing private investment in their next recording project. They will place the names of donors into the newly recorded songs.
Our fans have been asking more and more frequently about when we're going to record our next album. The problem has not been a lack of songs - we have enough songs to record two new albums. We simply haven't been able to afford to stop touring and record it. Finally, something had to be done. This was our solution. - guitarist Josh "The J" KeyFrom July 14th through September 30th, Psychostick will be accepting the $50 donations (limited to only 380) through their website. Businesses will have the opportunity to name drop in one of only 20 places for $250. In addition to the name use, every donor will receive a signed copy of the new album and a signed poster.

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Music at the Fringe

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The Winnipeg Fringe Festival is one of the premier alternative theatre festivals in the world with a reputation for bringing evocative, hilarious, fascinating productions from across the globe.

Fringe Fest is also a great place to see Manitoba music, with dozens of shows spanning July 16 - 27 at its outdoor stage in Old Market Square; the heart of the historic Exchange District and "Fringe Central."

One of this year's offerings is a return performance of Pink Floyd's classic Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety by some of Manitoba's finest musicians. The show debuted at last year's Fringe to enthusiastic crowds and this year's players remain largely the same, including Twilight Hotel's Dave Quanbury and Brandy Zdan, Mike Petkau, and Vanessa Kuzina.

Featured Bands at the Fringe
July 16 - Groovy Mustache, The Monty Yanks
July 17 - Flo & FloSoul Band, Deano Dean & MixSoul
July 18 - Crazy Maiden presents 20 Pound Shovel, SPF 90
July 19 - Honeyeyes,  Andrew Neville & The Poor Choices
July 20 - English Moccasins, The Original PainKiller
July 21 - Haunter, Dr. Rage & The Uppercuts
July 22 - Arbra Hill, Radio Electric
July 23 - Nastic, Inna Riddum
July 24 -...

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Digital Comic Chronicles Fight for Fair Copyright

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A new digital comic book brings the debate over Canadian copyright reform into full half-toned colour. Produced by the Appropriation Art Coalition , "51st State" is a 9 pages of opinions and rebuttals from the likes of Charlie Angus, Stephen Page, Michael Geist, David Emerson, and Stephen Harper.  51st State is an ironic chronicle of the fight to maintain Freedom of Expression in Canada. 51st State is a clickable comic book. It links to 193 websites, blogs, films and papers and articles.

The comic is a true work of appropriation. All text is and source imagery was grabbed from the internet. The Appropriation Art Coalition claims to reflect a broad spectrum of Canada’s art community, but focuses on art practices and affiliated disciplines where appropriation of existing work is involved. The comic takes a definite side in this debate, but also provides a pretty good overview of the events leading up to the introduction of the new copyright reform legislation earlier this year.

For best results download (PDF 2.8 mb) to your hard drive and then click links.

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Folk Fest, Main stage and the other main stage

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A few years ago the Winnipeg Folk Festival started programming a second evening stage. This is something that other festivals do, but it was always one of Winnipeg's charms that the whole audience came together for the evening concert. I've had mixed feelings about this second stage and I know that some of my festival diehard friends did was well. But, this year, I checked out the alternative stage at a very specific point in the festival and the experience made complete sense to me.

The headliner at the festival this year was Ray Davies, former frontman of The Kinks, a huge figure in the landscape of popular music and a hero and idol for many. On the festival mainstage, however, he mostly plays the role of a heritage act. People loved this show because of what they were doing when they first heard these songs, and because it allowed them to relive those formative years. For those of us who just missed this period of pop music history, this show is a guy playing quaint, outdated pop songs. These songs were important at the time, but do they stand up as songs against all the great songwriters we just spend three days listening to? "You really got me, You really got me" -...

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Folk Fest, putting the Work in workshop

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It was another whirlwind weekend of fantastic music, running into all sorts of friends and acquaintances, and drinking beers out doors. The Winnipeg Folk Festival is always over too quick and after losing Saturday this year to the crappiest weather in Winnipeg July history, the end of the day Sunday felt like it came even quicker. Maybe not so for the staff and stage crews who had to deal with all that.

For me and many music nerds like me, the workshop stages are the true heart of the festival and hold the key to what we call festival magic. Of course, these are called Daytime Stages now and feature a mix of straight up concerts, and themed multiple-act performances. But we still call them workshops. Even in the early days, these were rarely workshops in the teaching and learning sense. But the "workshop" label allows artists to talk freely about their music, and enjoy a certain casualness.

This year, I saw some fantastic music on the workshop stages, and it seemed to be the indie rock acts that took the collaborative possibilities of the workshop setting to it's furthest extreme. Maybe it's because these acts have done fewer folk festivals and have a romantic idea of...

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Dierks Bentley, Emerson Drive, Johnny Reid and Doc Walker to perform at 2008 CCMA Awards

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The Canadian Country Music Association today announced that international country superstar Dierks Bentley, Grammy nominated Emerson Drive, last year’s Independent Male Artist of the Year winner Johnny Reid and Honourary Chairs of Country Music Week 2008, Doc Walker are all set to perform at the Canadian Country Music Awards in Winnipeg, Manitoba on September 8, 2008. The show will be broadcast nationally on CBC Television at 8pm with encore broadcasts on CMT Canada.

“We are thrilled to have some of the biggest names in country music coming out to help celebrate”, said producer Brent Kawchuk of Corkscrew Media. “This announcement is only the beginning of what is sure to be a great show, guaranteed to be the talk of the town for years to come.”

Platinum selling recording artist Dierks Bentley has garnered numerous CMA and ACM nominations and wins. His latest CD Greatest Hits/Every Mile a Memory 2003-2008, named by his fans in an online contest, was recently released on Capitol Records.

Grammy nominated Emerson Drive have exploded onto the charts with their latest CD Countrified. Emerson Drive have a total of six CCMA Awards under their belts to date.


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Folk Fest, Day One

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For someone who was disproportionately outraged when the Winnipeg Folk Festival changed its slogan from “Think Music” to “People & Music” in the mid-90s (because Folk Fest was clearly and exclusively about The Music), I sure didn’t see much music last night.

You know how it is. You have every intention of planting yourself on someone’s tarp and hunkering down for some great live music but on the way, you run into someone you haven’t seen in a year and all of a sudden it’s two hours later.

We spent much of the evening watching the Mainstage show (including the impressive acrobatics of Dobet Ghanoré) on a small television backstage while catching up and dousing ourselves with bug spray. (“We” = me, MARIA staffer Alan Greyeyes, and CBC Radio’s Wabanakwut Kinew.) Ran into The Weakerthans’ guitarist Stephen Carroll and congratulated him on their recent Polaris shortlisting. We were seated next to a table full of nice Paquin folks and Mr. Hug himself, Rob Rousseau. And we were visited by J.P. Hoe with drummer David Pankratz and guitarist Sandy Taronno (a.k.a. half of Quinzy) and argued about whether J.P.’s Sunday night show on Mainstage was a “tweener” or a “shorter set.” We...

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Elton John Fans Gouged

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Ticketmaster may be in a bit of trouble in Saskatchewan. According to the Saskatchewan News Network, people trying to get tickets for Elton John's September concert in Regina are complaining the scalpers snapped up huge blocks of tickets making it difficult to get a hold of anything. People are now alleging that one of the ticket brokers that has tickets for hugely marked-up prices may actually be owned by Ticketmaster itself.  The article also mentions that Ticketmaster is trying to get Manitoba to lose its anti-scalping legislation. Read more...

A glance at the website shows tickets for John's show at the MTS Centre ranging from $104 to over $600. They're available from Ticketmaster for a mere $69-$149. Of course, those low Ticketmaster prices don't include convenience fees, which may take the price up to $600, anyhow.

I've never much minded Ticketmaster's convenience fees, personally. In fact, I'd like to suggest that Ticketmaster do an overview of its services and look at adding more fees for such conveniences as:

- Not being seated next to someone who knows all the words to the artists' songs coupled with the lack of awareness of their lack of talent leading to...

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Right In Our Backyard

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“I have performed at many festivals throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe and I can say, I've never come across a festival like the Winnipeg Folk Festival,” says singer Andrina Turenne.

Turenne should know. With her last group, the acclaimed a cappella world music outfit Madrigaïa, she’s performed at a lot of festivals. Between Madrigaïa, funk act Rudimental and a gospel duo with The Duhks’ singer Sarah Dugas, Turenne has also played Folk Fest five times in the last eight years. This year, she comes to Birds Hill with a new band – soulful and percussive vocal ensemble Chic Gamine.

Chic Gamine formed a year ago with fellow former-Madrigaïans (the group disbanded last year) Ariane Jean and Annick Brémault, along with Alexa Dirks and Sacha Daoud. And while the band definitely shares the otherworldly vocal harmonies and world music influences of Madrigaïa, it’s an entirely new musical entity. The quintet’s debut self-titled album, released in June, is completely original material with sparse instrumentation, relying on the four vocalists’ incredible talents as well as Daoud’s inventive percussion.

And they’ll fit right in this year’s stellar festival line-up.


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Polaris Short List Too Short for Some

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Reaction to the release of the Polaris Prize short list is slowly appearing on music blogs and news sites. So far, the list doesn't seem to be polarizing opinion, although there are some consistent laments for artists who didn't make the cut.

The list was released yesterday morning. Winnipeg's The Weakerthans (Reunion Tour) join other indie rockers Plants and Animals (Parc Avenue) and Stars (In Our Bedroom After the War), Vancouver’s Black Mountain (In the Future) and Charlottetown’s Two Hours Traffic (Little Jabs).

Contributing the diversity of sounds on the list are the somewhat more experimental Holy F*ck (LP), and Caribou (Andorra), hip-hop artist Shad (The Old Prince), and singer-songwriters Kathleen Edwards (Asking for Flowers) and Basia Bulat (Oh, My Darling) round it out.

Bumpershine released their own anticipatory short list last week that was 50% accurate but also included a couple of records that I've spent a lot of time listening to: The Acorn (Glory Hope Mountain) and The New Pornographers (Challengers). Also oft-missed are Sunset Rubdown (Random Spirit Lover), Wintersleep (Welcome to the Night Sky) and The Constantines (Shine A Light).

And of course,...

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Live Nation adds Nickelback to Superstar Roster

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Live Nation has taken another step into the record business, signing Nickelback to a three record deal that includes recordings, touring, merchandise and other rights.

The company, which primarily engages in live music promotion, has epitomized the new style of "360" deal which takes a holistic approach to marketing and promoting artists. Live Nation already has similar deals with Madonna, Jay-Z, U2, and as of last week, Shakira. More high profile signings are apparently in the works for later this year.

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Worst Interview Ever!

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Ok so I saw MAN MAN open for Modest Mouse earlier this year and I was blown away! It was the most insane opening act I’ve ever seen in my life! They were strange, unorthodox and energetic! I think it a band Tim Burton should put on the soundtrack of his next film. They were like a riot that stuck to the stage and overstimulating to the eyes and ears at first. They’re like a gypsy carnival sounding like a mix of old country with new wave-nonsensical. A controlled chaos! All I remember was that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the wacky group dressed all in white. The groups attire was complete with colorful feathers. (If you’re lucky, you can catch the band wearing full on war paint during gigs). Bands mates would take turns leaping into the air off drum seats or keyboard chairs. A circus I tellz ya! It was like watching grown men do a band interpretation of the book, Lord of the Flies!

Even the band member names are ridiculous. For instance, I believe I saw Honus Honus, Sergei Sogay, and Pow Pow in the flesh. (New additions to the band include now Critter Crat, Chang Wang, and the most conservative name of the bunch being Jefferson.)

This experimental group plays...

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The Weakerthans Shortlisted for Polaris Prize

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The shortlist for the prestigious Polaris Prize is out and The Weakerthans are on it, naming their album, Reunion Tour, as one of the top 10 Canadian albums of the year.

The Polaris Prize, now in its third year, awards $20,000 to the best full-length Canadian album. Unlike many awards, the jury makes its selection entirely on artistic merit and not sales figures. The list, as decided by a jury of 180 national music journalists, broadcasters and bloggers, was revealed on June 7 at the Drake Hotel in Toronto by CBC Radio 3's Grant Lawrence and 2007 Polaris winner, Patrick Watson.

Polaris released its long list, including Weakerthans tourmate Christine Fellows and her release Nevertheless, in June.

The rest of this year's shortlist: Plants And Animals, Basia Bulat, Two Hours Traffic, Stars, Shad, Kathleen Edwards, Caribou, Black Mountain, and Holy Fuck.

Local fans and roadtrippers can catch The Weakerthans at the 2008 Winnipeg Folk Festival July 10-13, along with fellow shortlisters Kathleen Edwards and Basia Bulat. The Weakerthans play Folk Fest's main stage second last on July 10.

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The Internet: The Rites of Passage for the Music Industry

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A report from PriceWaterhouseCoopers predicts that global spending on recorded music will slip worldwide from $33.4 billion in 2007 to $32.5 billion by 2012.

While digital music services have yet to fully live up to their potential in becoming the next medium of choice for music purchases, digital formats are still expected to grow substantially in that time.

PWC predicts, in fact, that digital revenues will overtake physical revenues in Asia by 2009; Latin America by 2010; by 2011 in North America, and by 2010 for the rest of the world.

While mobile will edge out internet-based distribution as the more lucrative sector, the internet will remain the fastest growing, rising to $8.6 billion by 2012, while mobile phones will bring in $10.3 billion of revenue.

According to PWC, there were 361 million songs downloaded via mobile phone worldwide in 2007. It predicts growth of about 4% to 373 million downloads this year, and to 580 million by 2012.

Meanwhile, single track sales continue to be the dominant component of digital sales, but album downloads increased by whopping 54% in 2007 over the prior year.

PWC pegged the world’s music subscription market at...

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Keith, Dexter and Winfield Join FACTOR Board

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The recent Annual General Meeting of FACTOR (The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings) saw the departure of three members of the Board of Directors. Specifically, Ric Arboit from Nettwerk, Brian Depoe of Astral Media Radio and Jim West from Distribution Fusion III.

Newly appointed Directors were Aubrey Winfield of Orange Records Inc., Drew Keith from Astral Media Radio and Grant Dexter of Maple Music.

Other changes to the Board include Pegi Cecconi as Chair, Nicole Jolly as Vice-Chair, Brian Hetherman as Secretary and Chris Lecomte as Treasurer.

FACTOR is proud to have such accomplished individuals on their Board of Directors and looks forward to their contributions in the coming year.

For more info, please visit

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Big Smash! Music Scene Movies

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Every Thursday at the Cinematheque
100 Arthur St. /

A new weekly series of music films that aims to enlighten as much as entertain, BIG SMASH! MUSIC SCENE traverses broad musical terrain: baroque pop, country, metal, punk, soul & funk, folk and outsider music – all for a discounted admission of $5. Although in some cases premieres of popular films may hold over for longer runs, the series will focus on niche artists and the work of independent directors, with one-night-only screenings. Series curated by Kier-La Janisse with promotional assistance from MARIA, CKUW 95.9FM and Into The Music.


Thurs. July 3 – 9:00PM
Big Smash! Music Scene:
Dir. Kerri O’Kane USA 2005 / 80min. / BETA SP / Music Documentary


In a pre-Nirvana Seattle, The Gits were the resident musical underdogs. With the unparallelled vocal power of front woman Mia Zapata they set the bar for indie rock in the Pacific Northwest. After inspiring such incendiary bands as Seven Year Bitch to pick up their instruments, they caught the ear of major label...

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The Watchmen Reformed

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Seminal Winnipeg rock outfit The Watchmen will reform this fall to play two shows in Toronto. The quintet will play The Horseshoe Tavern, where the band was discovered by producer Chris Wardman, on September 26 and 27, 2008.

The band got together twenty years ago and quickly became a popular live act. They recorded six studio releases, including 1992's acclaimed debut McLaren Furnace Room, before going their separate ways in 2003. Before splitting, The Watchmen did one last tour from which they offered full soundboard recordings from each concert via download -- Last Road Trip Download Series.

Tickets for the show are $20 and available through Ticketmaster.

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