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Sonically, Nova marries the raw, post-punk power of Gang of Four with the subtle and restrained beauty of Low; in truth, however, the strength and singularity of Greg MacPherson’s writing renders any such comparisons limited at best. Five full-length solo albums, countless national and international tours: MacPherson has rightly found himself in the top-rung of living Canadian songwriters. In Nova, the fresh talents of Jackie Hogue and Molly McCracken carry MacPherson’s tried and true skill to new and exciting heights.

Nova’s strength as a band is found in their juxtaposition of light and dark: unabashedly simple keyboard lines sound charming and innocent atop mysterious and dissonant baritone guitar chords; catchy-as-hell vocals — brought to life by sweet, nigh doo-wop style harmonies — hover above the stern pounding of drums.

Light and dark; triumph and defeat; celebration and mourning; power and weakness; love and hate; binaries coalesce to form place, the city in which we live. Nova taps into this enduring contrast to create music of monumental self-expression.


Falling by Nova


midnight midnight

midnight midnight Nova

Released: October 9th, 2012

Label: Disintegration Records

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