Okay Mann

Okay Mann

Alt. Country Folk Indie Rock


Katlin Mathison
616 McMillan Ave Winnipeg MB Canada R3L0N6
1 204 396 9218


5'11", 130 lbs, and eyes like his father. meet Katlin Mathison - otherwise known as Okay Mann.

Katlin upholds the indie folk tradition of the rolling stone. 4 years of session work, relentless travel, and a mentorship with Paul McCartney, and a gold single in Norway have eventually led him back to the harsh winters of Manitoba, Canada.

By winter 2017, Okay Mann was ready to hit the road again. Armed with a new monicker and a suitcase of songs born of a Winnipeg winter, Mathison returned to the cobblestone streets of Liverpool, UK to record his debut release.  Little Mersey tells the story of a man returning to the city that helped to shape him. By combining modern recording technology with traditional analog tape methods, Okay Mann has created a sonically intriguing piece that’s as hard to place historically as it is sonically. Influenced by Scandinavian folksters The Tallest Man on Earth and Daniel Nordgren, Okay Mann teamed up with Norwegian producer Nils Børstrand to create a unique timepiece: a snapshot caught on magnetic tape of a city left behind. Okay Mann has shows planned across Canada planned for Winter 2018, but not before he’s headed to Oslo, NO this December to record the next record.

His is the story of a nomad held down by heartbreak and circumstance. It's been a tough year, but he's Okay Mann.




"Without You Dear" from Without You Dear



"Painting Houses" from Without You Dear


As Badly As I Fear by Okay Mann

Without You Dear by Okay Mann

Eternal Optimist by Okay Mann


Little Mersey

Little Mersey Okay Mann

Released: November 26, 2017

Producer: Nils Martin Frisk Børstrand

Label: Canada House

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