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What Prestigious Deviants does as a Brand

Prestigious Deviants (PD) is a brand that pushes music culture and exposes it's followers to some of the best up and coming acts globally. With the website we post our taste in music on a daily basis in order to gain a reputation for being the first people to know what's hot or who would get signed in the underground, basically serving as an influencer for the music industry and doing heavy filtering. It's also a hub for our services (Management/ Booking). Since January 2016, PD has been apart of over forty performances that year alone and has been serving as agents to get artists booked, get press or consultations. 

Since 2013 members of Prestigious Deviants have reached New York City, London, the South Eastern Region of the United States and various cities throughout Canada. The brand has also done work with the likes of artists like: The Wu Tang Clan, Odd Future, Joey Bada$$, Bryson Tiller, Mobb Deep, Top Dawg Entertainment, Kaytranada and hundreds of other artists around the globe. 

Prestigious Deviants also has an extensive network of Managers, Producers, Labels & Journalists in their database. Notable companies like Epic Records, Universal Canada, VICE, SoundSet  Festival, Viper Magazine, Red Bull, VANS and others have dealt with them in some type of way within the last four years.

How it started 

The whole purpose of Prestigious Deviants was to take all of our skills (FM Radio, Journalism, Management, Networking, DJing, Blogging) and put it all into one brand because of our history in the music business for the last five years (Since 2012). Roger Kimbeni Jr officially started the company as a blog in the summer of 2015.  He was inspired by his Sociology professor at The University of Manitoba in his 3rd year of college, 2014. He had troubles defining who he was as an individual. His love for music and culture often got in the way of what he was "supposed" to be going after. However, he was one who was able to be around people in positions of power and share the same intellect, while being himself totally. He needed a definition and finally found one to describe this avant garde type personality. 

What the Prestigious Deviants means 

Prestige refers to the reputation associated with one's position in society. A prestigious person is widely respected, admired and influential based on their achievements, quality and other favorable attributes.

Prestige is distributed unequally as a dimension of social stratification. It's also separate from social class and power, although they often go together. 

Deviance refers to a person that differs from the norm and does not conform to socially accepted standards that members of society are conventionally guided through . Deviants think different. Deviants stand out.

The strain between our culture's emphasis on wealth and limited opportunity to attain riches leads to people finding other ways to make ends meet. Deviants are innovators who do not use guidelines and they carve their own path within society. 

A Prestigious Deviant is someone who uses their skills, knowledge and effort in unconventional ways to reach higher levels of achievement. As they gain respect, they use their social mobility to interact with who they want up the ranks of society. 

For example, one can be exchanging ideas with someone who's a "criminal" one day and have a business dinner with government officials the next day. Our society often puts professional backgrounds such as doctors, lawyers and professors as the primary occupation for Prestigious individuals. However, there's a community of Prestigious Deviants that use their individualism to bypass the ladder and step by step guide on gaining socially approved goals (money, home, etc.)


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