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Sc Mira

Alternative Indie Pop


Tim Jones
PO Box 61046 RPO GRANT PARK Winnipeg MB Canada R3M3X8
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Sc Mira is the musical embodiment of "boundary pushing." While hard at work on their daring debut full-length in Winnipeg, the band continues to extend their presence outwards to new markets with tours and showcases throughout the world. After several years of non-stop touring, recent performances in Chicago and Montréal have allowed Sc Mira to introduce even more fans to their signature sound, latest songs, and effervescent live set.

The band, consisting of vocalist Sadye Cage, Ty Vega on guitar and synth, bassist Mario Lagassé, Caro LaFlamme on keys, and drummer Joel Leonhardt, released their debut, Waiting Room Baby, in mid-2015. The record showcases simple but savory instrumentation, framing and keeping focus on Cage’s voice and poetry. The overall product on record, which features the legendary Buck 65 (a poet in his own right) on the track “Motel Honey,” is sweet but haunting, bold but brittle. Live, though, those same songs are injected with energy and rise, fervor and ferocity.

Sc Mira have performed to teary-eyed fans in Tokyo, toured with Buck 65, and count Jimmy Chamberlin of Smashing Pumpkins fame among their supporters.

Dark, dazzling, eerie, elegant – Sc Mira is a shot of adrenaline, straight to the heart.


Waiting Room Baby



"Life At Last (Phantom Of The Paradise)" from Waiting Room Baby


Sc Mira - Give Me The Noose (live) by Sc Mira

Sc Mira - Plastic (live) by Sc Mira

Sc Mira -Edge of Forever (live) by Sc Mira

Sc Mira - Do Me (Heartstrings TV acoustic) by Sc Mira

Sc Mira - Motel Honey (Heartstrings TV acoustic) by Sc Mira

Sc Mira - Do Me (OFFICIAL) by Sc Mira

Buck 65 featuring Sc Mira - Super Pretty Naughty (live) by Sc Mira

LOFT SESSIONS "Do Me" by Sc Mira

On My Own by Sc Mira


Waiting Room Baby

Waiting Room Baby Sc Mira

Released: June 9, 2015

Label: Pipe & Hat

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