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Sibyl plays mostly folk music, although at times hints of jazz and Celtic music are evident in certain songs. Every member of the band sings and plays multiple instruments: Tesia on vocals and bodhran, Daniel on acoustic or slide guitar and percussion, Melanie on banjo or guitar, Roslyn on piano or guitar and Jeremy on piano or percussion. Sometimes the songs include flutes, harmonica, accordion, glockenspiel and even a trombone on occasion. The band's name is a reference to the character Sibyl Vane from Oscar Wilde's book "The Picture of Dorian Gray".

The band is made up of Tesia Rhind, Daniel Guezen, and three siblings: Melanie, Roslyn and Jeremy Penner. Melanie, Roslyn, Jeremy and Daniel were all born and raised in Winnipeg, while Tesia was born in New Brunswick, although she has spent most of her life in Winnipeg. Tesia and Melanie, who have been friends since childhood, started playing music together with Roslyn in 2010. Roslyn met Daniel on a French exchange program in Quebec later that year and he started playing with the group shortly after. The band's current line-up was established in 2012 when Jeremy agreed to record their first EP, "Basement Sounds". Nearing the end of recording, it was decided that Jeremy should join the band as a permanent member, and the name Sibyl was chosen for the group. 

Sibyl recently won the Uniter Fiver contest and was named one of Winnipeg's top 5 bands to watch for in 2014. They were also recently crowned the winners of Manitoba Songfest 2014 and they made it to the top ten bands in the Manitoba region during the CBC searchlight contest 2014..

"The vocal equivalent of the sexy chill of a brush across a cymbal."



Basement Sounds



"Basement Sounds" from Basement Sounds


I'll try my best to come home (Live) by Sibyl

Wandering Aengus (Live) by Sibyl

Dream - Live at the West End Cultural Centre by Sibyl

April Showers by Sibyl

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