Aaron Kowal

Aaron Kowal

Adult Contemporary Electronic Pop Synthpop


With a musical ability that blends passionate and creative songwriting with the seductive, mysterious, devil-may-care attitude that only the finest of pop music greats possess, Aaron Kowal has entered the stage with a smirk and a flourish, dedicated to his sound and determined to earn his place on your playlist, no matter what the cost. Although he is just emerging into public consciousness, the Winnipeg artist has been busy - immersed in writing sessions in L.A. and Toronto, and recording in the studio with accomplished producer Douglas Romanow. His debut EP Good Sins, Bad Decisions was released in June 2019, and he is now in the midst of planning a number of live performances throughout Canada.



Good Sins, Bad Decisions

Good Sins, Bad Decisions Aaron Kowal

Released: June 28, 2019

Producer: Douglas Romanow

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