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Arielle Jodine


Influenced by the likes of Tori Kelly and Eva Cassidy, Arielle Jodine’s songwriting is chock-full of delightfully sassy and fresh pop/jazz vibes guaranteed to get your fingers snapping and put a smile on your face.

Arielle Jodine’s debut EP “Wherever He Goes” spans laid back and chill acoustic songs like “Hindered by Nothing” to the title track “Wherever He Goes”, an a capella masterpiece arranged by and featuring local Winnipeg artist Dane Bjornson. While each original song varies in sound, they all circle around the theme that wherever Jesus goes is where she wants to be. To be in close communion and friendship with Jesus is the heart of Arielle Jodine.

As a singer songwriter and worship leader, she never really thought of herself as a recording artist. “But as I began to sit down with my guitar and really meditate on the scriptures, lyrics and melodies seemed to just spring out from my heart,” she recalls. “It resulted in the dream and creation of this album. They are songs of devotion, songs of love, songs of joy, and I really hope this EP will evoke some of the same feelings in your own soul.”

A year and a half later, she got back to recording. 

Given the strange nature of the past year, she felt it was time to record and release a new track.

“One day I was spending time with the Lord, talking to Him about the pandemic and how it has changed the story of my life,” she recalls. “I was a little discouraged about how things were seemingly off track.”

Her latest single, Author & Finisher was born from her feelings that life was on pause.

“The result is a song declaring who God is and who I am in the midst of uncertainty and a pandemic that seems to have no end.” she explains.

She describes it as a song of identity, a song of hope and a song of commitment.

“I really hope this track will give us confidence in who we are and the strength to stand strong with the Lord during trying times.”

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Arielle Hildebrand
Winnipeg MB Canada




"Author & Finisher"



"Your Perfect One"



"Wherever He Goes (feat. Dane Bjornson)"


Wherever He Goes EP Promo by Arielle Jodine

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