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*New for 2019/2020 - Ashes and Dreams presents the Chillout Groove Experience*

[Ashes and Dreams' Chillout Groove Experience features Lisa Saunders (vocals), Kris Kosie (bass), Jessica Lloyd (keys) and Kevin Cote (percussion), performing live with electonic, pulsing chillout beats. Depending on the size and scope of the festival, Ashes and Dreams' live music set can be tailored to a small community stage - or expand to include lighting, projection work, a live drummer, pianist and contemporary dancers. This musical act is perfect for international chillout, electronic, jazz or folk festivals that feature a varied repertoire.]

Lisa Saunders and Liv Mircea may be separated by an ocean, but that isn't stopping the determined duo from making big waves in the chill out / lounge genre with their downtempo musical project, Ashes and Dreams.

Lisa lives in Winnipeg, Canada while Liv lives in Weston-Super-Mare, UK.

"It feels like Liv is always right there whenever we're creating musical ideas, recording, and coming up with our musical contributions to this project," says Lisa.

Parted by an ocean, but connected by music, Ashes and Dreams spent two years writing and recording songs for its debut 2015 CD release, Heart of Stone. The album includes a mix of serene, dreamy tracks and uplifting, soulful tunes, that are seamlessly linked by Lisa's warm, hypnotic alto voice and Liv's distinctive guitar work. From the military-inspired anthem "Left Right Left" to the laid-back title track, "Heart of Stone", Ashes and Dreams has its own undeniable style in the chill out realm.

Recently signed by the Believe Digital record label, Ashes and Dreams looks forward to expanding its musical reach even further. Prior to the signing, the band's earlier recordings received global airplay on stations like Ocean Radio Chilled, Chilled Lounge Grooves, Stingray Digital satellite radio, DJ Ampz' The Deep Chill, CKUW's Shop Worn Angel, and CBC Radio.  Lounge Masters International also selected Ashes and Dreams' deep chill track Heat Down Low for its world-wide compilation CD Lounge Masters Vibes vol. 12, released in June 2014.





"Love Bullet" from Havana




"Believin'" from Havana




"Havana" from Havana


Alex Walkman - Believin' ft. Ashes and Dreams by Ashes and Dreams

Mission Bell by Ashes and Dreams

Perfect Symmetry by Ashes and Dreams

Gonna Work Out by Ashes and Dreams

Heart of Stone by Ashes and Dreams

Ashes and Dreams - LIVE PARTY: Heat Down Low by Ashes and Dreams

Uncertain Future [Official Video] by Ashes and Dreams

Left Right Left [Official Video] by Ashes and Dreams



Havana Ashes and Dreams

Released: December 7, 2017

Label: Dream House Beats

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Non-Stop Chillout Pop vol. 2

Non-Stop Chillout Pop vol. 2 Ashes and Dreams

Released: November 16, 2016

More Info

Non-Stop Chillout Pop vol. 1

Non-Stop Chillout Pop vol. 1 Ashes and Dreams

Released: April 1, 2016

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Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone Ashes and Dreams

Released: February 17, 2015

Producer: Arun Chaturvedi

Label: Sound Strategy Music

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