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Attica Riots


The members of Canada's Attica Riots have what can only be described as a cosmic musical connection. Any musician will tell you that's not always the case in a band scenario, where democracy can fail when egos, opinions, and dominant personalities do battle, thus sinking a band before it even sets sail. So, when you have that type of "on the same page" connection, you hold on to it. And that's just what Attica Riots are doing. You can't argue with the results, which are the fiery and infectious alt rock anthems this trio creates.
2018 is looking to be the year that Attica Riots – who are signed to Five Seven, which is part of Eleven Seven Label Group – make an indelible mark outside of Canada with their worldwide debut release, produced by Mark Needham (American Authors, Imagine Dragons, The Killers). Their time is now.
The members of Attica Riots are firmly on the same musical page. It's why the songs that make up their debut release are so fluid and unforgettable. Get ready Attica Riots are about to take the alternative rock world by storm… one song at a time



Tim Jones
P.O. Box 61046 RPO Grant Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3M 3X8 Winnipeg MB canada
1 204 955 5996





"Misery" from Misery


I'm Not The Only One by Attica Riots

No Mistake by Attica Riots

Give It To Me by Attica Riots

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No Hands by Attica Riots

Love Sunshine & Hysteria by Attica Riots

Misery by Attica Riots

LOFT SESSIONS "'Give It To Me" by Attica Riots

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