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When people around Winnipeg talk about me, the big joke is, I'm known as 'Len Analog Milne' or the 'Analogman.' That is maybe because I come from the old school of splicing tape and recording well before those VCR machines called Adats were even invented. Today, about 70% of my recordings start out on 2inch tape and are finished in Pro Tools. The other 30% are Adats or straight Pro Tools. Up until three years ago, I was mainly recording heavy rock style, but now I have been working with Blues, Country, Folk, Rap and even Hip Hop. Even though I do work out of a home studio, for now, people have traveled from Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Regina, Brandon, and just across the border from Grand Forks ND, to do work here. I have played guitar, bass, and drums on clients CD's to help them get there ideas across. A few of the artists that I have worked with are Kristi Johnston, Sound Rage, Aaron Peters, Bad Jelli, The House of Payne blues band, Sue Foley, D-Rangers, Tara Chase, Immortal Possession, Glen Hainsworth, Glen McGabe, The Rowdymen, and Jonah Stone to name a few. My closing statement is, if you want to make me really happy, let me use my Analog and Tube gear on your next recording. Thanks, Len (Analog) Milne

Manitoba Film and Music Accredited Recording Studio


Lenny Milne
410 Pritchard Avenue Winnipeg MB Canada R2W2J6
1 204 786 1157




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