Big Foot Yeti

Big Foot Yeti

Alt. Country Indie


Paul Webster
Winnipeg MB Canada


Big Foot Yeti (BFY) are a foursome from Winnipeg, MB, Canada that play indie rock and alternative country music. Influenced by punk and folk music the group cites Bill Callahan, Wilco, Bobby Bare Jr, and Husker Du to describe their sound and work ethic. BFY’s distorted take on alternative country and indie rock is known for its beautiful and brooding soundscapes.

All of BFY’s original songs start with an acoustic guitar before being fleshed out with intricate bass grooves and a pounding back beat. A Korg synthesizer is used to help capture the emotion behind each of the songs.

Big Foot Yeti are currently recording their first EP and are starting to book shows in 2018. Stay tuned for demos and takes from the new EP!

Big Foot Yeti:
Paul Webster - guitar, vocals
Kris Kosie - bass, vocals
Ian Peters - drums, percussion

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