Big Ox

Big Ox

Hip Hop R&B Urban


Micheal lemay
winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 918 9488


Big Ox, when you hear the name and you see the face


At first glance


You think of two things, and two things are this power and authority.


This man came up from obscurity


As a defining factor in the up and coming urban music scene


Urban meaning streets


And streets meaning him


Utilizing the soul of hard lived pain


Mixed with the adrenaline of a three night binge in a Ibiza


Ox is focus as a producer and a song writer


Has brought him from the brink of stereo type   


That befalls us all


As musicians and artists


His gritty rhymes and heavy production


                  And calm delivery


Sets him apart from all the rest


Despite the year




Is definitely the year of the Ox. 


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