Brandi Vezina

Brandi Vezina

Blues Country Gospel Rock


Brandi Vezina
Winnipeg MB Canada



Brandi is a natural born performer who captivates audiences with her voice and stage presence. Her authentic country roots are intertwined with rock and the blues. Brandi is a force to be reckoned with – her rebel spirit is evident on stage and in her music. 

Brandi started singing with the Why Knott Band as a teenager. She was featured on one of their albums. Brandi played gigs with the band, Wolven, in Richter and Ross, Manitoba and the Red Lake Metis Music Festival in Minnesota.

She was selected by Indigenous Music, Manitoba Music and the Manitoba Arts Showcase as an Emerging Artist in 2018. Attending the Manitoba Arts Showcase inspired Brandi to write her own music and the confidence to play guitar live. After attending the showcase, Brandi contacted established and internationally recognized Canadian producer, Murray Pulver. Murray’s style of producing matches Brandi’s sing writing and personality. 

Brandi hopes her first single, Walk Away, encourages people to leave relationships, workplaces and situations that are toxic. She has used her personal experience to write music that is meaningful and helpful to those who need that message of self perseverance. 

Her follow up single produced by Pulver is about the types of relationships Brandi had once been in. She no longer is attracted to bad boys and her single, John Dillinger Type, signifies just that. She is currently creating YouTube videos as an author, blogger and singer/songwriter. Brandi blends her writing, singing and speaking into one and all three reach out to her audience and fans.

She recently just played Manitoba Music’s New Night at the Goodwill along with lead guitar player, Jesse Bandura and bass player, Vaughan Poyser. Brandi played the Sakihiwe Festival here in Manitoba and was featured live at the APTN Indigenous Live at the Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Brandi is playing live, currently planning the release of her first single, Walk Away. She is working with Anna Lang bridal and Taryn Anderson for the debut of her music video.




"Folsom Prison Blues" (Cover) - Brandi Vezina by Brandi Vezina


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Brandi Vezina Joe Black Coffee Bar
2037 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB
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Brandi Vezina Concerts in Care
Teulon, Manitoba
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Brandi Vezina Concerts in Care
Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba
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Brandi Vezina Concerts in Care
Winnipeg, Manitoba
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