Bright Righteous

Bright Righteous

Electronic Rock


Tim Jones
P.O. Box 61046 RPO Grant Park Winnipeg MB Canada R3M3X
1 204 955 5996


What goes up doesn’t necessarily have to come back down – not when it’s propelled by pure inertia on a trajectory towards the infinite.

Fusing fresh digital soundscapes with raw, unbridled rock sensibilities, Bright Righteous have forged a unique and otherworldly sonic coalescence – one with the potential to push the Winnipeg quintet to unexplored heights.

Having reached impressive peaks of success with different lineup iterations, the newly-cemented quintet of Jay Jensen, Kevin Hogg, Scott Beattie, Andrew Titley, and Troy Taylor adopted the Bright Righteous moniker to match their musical manifesto: be unconventional, uncompromising, and ultimately, unstoppable.

Their room-rocking hybrid of dance-ready rhythms and organic-but-urgent rock instrumentation borrows bits of EDM, alternative, prog rock, and even modern pop anthems. The execution, however, is that of a band at the apex of their collective abilities.

The urgency of some of the more upbeat and anthemic tracks is uninhibited, expelling pure power from their core. Meanwhile, the slow-burning, more ethereal material is spellbinding, with rich dreamscape dynamics that engulf the listener in interstellar euphoria.

Onstage, their unrestrained energy elevates the collective experience to something surreal. This isn’t a band that simply pushes play. instead, their performances forge a connection that blurs the lines between band and audience, spectacle and spectator.

With a unified artistic vision, unparalleled work ethic, and colossal signature sound with an overwhelming but inviting intensity, Bright Righteous is ready for the life-changing shows on massive stages. ready for their songs to be shouted back at them by the ever-growing masses.

Their sound is stellar, their inertia is unrelenting, and their potential is limitless. Bright Righteous are blazing into the uncharted abyss, and it’s a one-way ride. there is no coming back down.


Bright Righteous - Wildfire by Bright Righteous

Wildfire by Bright Righteous

Bright Righteous - Automatic (live) by Bright Righteous

Bright Righteous (Live Sizzle) by Bright Righteous

Heavy x Black Hole Sun Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell Tribute by Bright Righteous

Bright Righteous - Four Walls (Live) by Bright Righteous

Scott Beattie - Drum Solo (Live) by Bright Righteous


Tell Me What You Know About Love (single)

Tell Me What You Know About Love (single) Bright Righteous

Released: April 22, 2015

Producer: Nash

Label: Pipe & Hat

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