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BULLRIDER is a 5 piece rock n roll project that began at the end of 2012. Starting as a writing project between Ben Ferguson and Bobby Desjarlais, Bullrider slowly added the current members in 2014 and 2015, to help bring this writing project to the stage. Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, BULLRIDER evolved and took shape, with a strong emphasis on songwriting and live performance.

With each member having their own unique talents, brought in from numerous other projects, BULLRIDER has reflected a well rounded and more sophisticated style, which shines through each of the tracks from the “Hidden gems…” album.“Writing this record, from idea to completion, was like watching a picture come into focus. As different as we all are, it just makes sense. With this many compatiable writers in one room, it’s exciting to see what we can make happen next.”, says lyricist, Bobby Desjarlais.

With a slew of notable show experiences (Canada Day @ The Forks Wpg, Harvest Moon Festival, Dauphins Country Fest, ManyFest.) on a wide range of stages, BULLRIDER draws on a complete pallet of emotions - from fun loving chorus’, dark and heartbroken versus, to haunting and even psychedelic bridges.BULLRIDER’s debut album, ‘Hidden Gems and the Love of Another’, is set to release early November, 2018.

“If you are interested in alt rock music, Bullrider is a rising band that you need to check out. They can write some of the most infectious hooks we’ve heard in recent memory.”- Eartothegroundmusic

Comprised of Ben Ferguson (Ash Koley), Chris Peluk (Alverstone, Mad Young Darlings), Tom Sinnott, Erik Pescitelli (Los Mapaches) and Bobby Desjarlais (The Bokononists, Attica Riots).



Bullrider - The News by BULLRIDER

Bullrider - Live My Life by BULLRIDER


Hidden Gems and the Love of Another

Hidden Gems and the Love of Another BULLRIDER

Released: April 13, 2019

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Released: October 21, 2016

Producer: Bullrider

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Park Theatre
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Winnipeg, MB
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Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club
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