Bush Lotus

Folk Francophone Indie Soul

Bush Lotus


Written and sung by vocalist and guitarist Arielle Beaupré, and accompanied by band members Shawn Dearborn (guitar and vocal harmonies), Brian Gluck (percussion) and Corey Hawkway (bass), Bush Lotus' music blends indie folk and rock influences with soulful jazzy vocals and relays experiences of the mind and body, touching on topics like freedom, conflict and belonging in the world.

“Open”, Bush lotus’ first single of EP Floating Kitestrings (Release date: Summer 2023) is “Lyrically [...] spare, but far from simple. When written out, it functions almost seamlessly as a series of linked Haiku. True to that form, songwriter Arielle Beaupré injects meaning and poignancy into a sliver of time.” - Stylus Magazine

In the past, Arielle has collaborated with fellow musicians while working in the woods of British Columbia to release a short album entitled Tough Times, recorded in shacks or outdoors around campfires and independently produced by Shaggy of Shaggy & the Scooby Snacks. Find her songs Like the Wind and It Takes Practice on spotify now.


Arielle Beaupré

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