Bye Bye Blue

Bye Bye Blue

Alternative Pop


Mario Lagassé
10 Goldthorpe Crescent Winnipeg MB Canada R2N1V8
1 204 250 5315


Bye Bye Blue is Mario Lagassé, Madilyn Jantz, Justin Delorme, Erica Flaten, Jordan Waters and Julien Riel. A six piece psychedelic pop band with songs to share.  


Formed in Winnipeg in 2016, the band has performed alongside a diverse group of musicians, including Micah Erenberg, Somebody Language, and Basic Nature. Bye Bye Blue’s versatile blend of multi-layered melodies, funky rhythmic pulses and an emotional undercurrent gives each performance a truly unique sonic identity. 


The band is currently self-producing their debut release for 2017, performing regularly and preparing for a busy summer on the road. In just a year, the word has spread about Bye Bye Blue’s infectious energy. Don’t miss your chance to hear them for yourself!


Joyous Friends by Bye Bye Blue

Underneath the Sand by Bye Bye Blue

Visceral by Bye Bye Blue

The Proverbial You by Bye Bye Blue

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