Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 9:30pm
Slow Spirit
Lounge FM
112 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


TUSK's debut EP "Headroom" is ready to blast your ears March 25th at the Cavern!

Be sure to join us with Lounge FM and Slow Spirit for a night of musical mayhem.

TUSK - TUSK was formed in the spring of 2016 in Winnipeg, MB. Drawing from a wide array of influences, stereo guitars, searing vocals and swarms of effects engulf the listener in a wall of sound. From sculpted ambience to sharp tongues and fuzz pedals, TUSK envelopes its audience in atmosphere; a tonal journey through every performance. 

Slow Spirit - Valiant ambassadors of a sophisticated future, their melodious, pop-paced songs are injected with a thoughtfulness found in classical and jazz. Subtle and dark poetry is set to a pulsing backdrop of breakbeat post-rock to reverberous chillout prairie-scapes.

LOUNGE FM - In the "Lounge", smoke swirls around in an infusion of Jazz, R&B into a euphoric glass of pop. A Sci-Fi feeling, like floating into space, dreaming of a lost love, carefully placed back into a reality. It was all a dream. This 5 piece band hailing from Winnipeg, MB has a unique mixture of musicians. Members of a past group called "Chop Logic" and current members of "Teleharmonium". Each member brings their own vibe to the table. Soft, inviting vocals on top of some dreamy, Connan Mockasin-like, rhythm guitars, mixed with poppy, yet psychedelic at times, leadguitar. Smooth, swanky keys, organs, and moog compliment the adventerous bass lines and jazzy beats. Reminiscent of Winnipeg's not forgotten Remy Shand. Recently having released their debut "Dancing in Hell EP", Lounge FM will begin recording a full length album in the upcoming new year. An upcoming band you dont wanna miss out on. See you in the lounge.

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