Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 7pm
Darling Twig
X-Cues Cafe & Lounge
551 Sargent Ave, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Alternative Folk

Theme - 

This year at Mennofolk we invite you to come and hold your fear, stand beside it, or perhaps glare at it from a distance. In this world which gives fear the power to draw boundaries, to validate existence, and to arrest truth, we ask: where does hope meet fear? Shall we resist our very consumption?

Accessible venue and all are welcome!

Also, huge thanks to Matt Veith Creative for the poster/banner/button designs.

MennoFesto - 

MennoFolk is an organisation celebrating music and art from people associated with the Mennonite community, either culturally or religiously. 

MennoFolk seeks to provide opportunity for expression for those art forms that may not ordinarily be found in church.

MennoFolk seeks to provide a welcoming atmosphere for people regardless of age and level of connectedness to the Mennonite Church to come together and appreciate the music and art of the Mennonite community.

Why We Celebrate MennoFolk - 

MennoFolk is held in various cities across Canada and the US. Key to what gives MennoFolk its identity and makes it unique is that it is rooted in the Mennonite tradition. As the Manitoba chapter, however, we realize that some people feel estranged or disconnected from the Mennonite church. We celebrate MennoFolk because it provides an outlet for artists and musicians associated with the Mennonite community to break from tradition and explore new ideas. God is revealed to us in a variety of ways; hopefully our committee, the artists, the musicians and the people who attend the festival will demonstrate this, making everyone feel welcome.


Bleachers - Live by Rosebud

Trails - Darling Twig by Darling Twig




"9 to 5" by Rosebud



"Minor Bird" by Darling Twig

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