Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 9:30pm
Mahogany Frog
Brodie Moniker
Joanne Pollock
The Handsome Daughter
61 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Real Love Winnipeg

Alternative Electronic

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Mahogany Frog is an instrumental electronic rock band from Winnipeg. The group is comprised of four multi-instrumentalists: Graham Epp (guitar/keyboards/trumpet), Jesse Warkentin (guitar/keyboards), Scott Ellenberger (bass/keyboards/trumpet) and Andy Rudolph (drums/electronics). The music draws influence from '60s psychedelia, electronica, '70s progressive/kraut-rock, jazz, 50's "ultra" lounge and ambient/experimentalism. Using an extensive collection of analogue and digital keyboards, cacophonous, feedback-ridden guitars, fuzz-bass and walls of electronics, the group creates dynamic, multi-layered songs that explore tone, mood and composition. Although Mahogany Frog's unorthodox sounds and complex arrangements can challenge the ear, their haunting progressions and playful melodies are immediately approachable and satisfying. Onstage the band performs furiously and at massive volumes, often connecting multiple songs together with interludes consisting of ambient noise.

Brodie Moniker
Regina based, fifteen year music veteran Brodie Moniker (PandaCorn, Brain Sauce, Fancy Diamonds), is a truly musical diverse talent with sophisticated songwriting, artistic arrangements, and progressive-pop presentations. 
Polite, honest and aggressive, Moniker puts his entire being into every song, challenging listeners’ presumed ideas of modern rock, reminiscent of past and present sound masters like Frank Zappa, Brian Eno, Nick Drake, and Jack White. 
Touring internationally with critically acclaimed artists like Jeff Straker, while producing and engineering breakthrough albums for artists like Megan Nash (PandaCorn), Moniker has honed his sound and developed his songwriting, melding his influences into a true sonic mosaic. 
Poignant and poppy, expanding and exploratory, Moniker combines modern avant-garde sensibilities with a pop flare, creating brave, listenable music, pushing boundaries while retaining an accessible ear.

VAMPIRES hit like a punch in the gut that drops you to your knees in some Midwestern parking lot and the hand that helps you back up then offers you an Old Milwaukee. It's dirty yet catchy, rough yet focused, at once clear and direct, then distorted over a visionary bridge. The sound of VAMPIRES is captivating shoegaze elements and full on noise harkening from the dirtiest of the dirt... Fuzzed-out dirge for the masses that sticks in your ear holes long after you've left it.

Joanne Pollock
Joanne Pollock uses her unique attentiveness to detail to weave intricate electronic fantasies. Using lush vocal melodies, she creates mythical dreamscapes with a “presence that demands to be heard” (Impose). Invocation TO called her a "rare talent" with "songs that become instant ear worms boring through your minds eye and keeping a kick in your step". 
One half of Poemss (Planet Mu) with Venetian Snares, Joanne released her debut solo EP, Optimist, in 2015. It received praise from publications such as Silent Shout who called it "startlingly fresh, beautiful and extremely captivating to the ears. It’s difficult to listen to this EP without getting completely lost in the music and drifting away to sparkly synth daydreams." She is releasing her debut full length album on Timesig in spring of 2017.
Based in Toronto/Winnipeg, she has performed live across Canada and in Europe.


Saffron Myst by Mahogany Frog

Carnival by Joanne Pollock




"Demon Jigging Spoon" by Mahogany Frog



"Might Be Wrong" by Joanne Pollock

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