Sat, Jul 22, 2017, 8pm - 11pm
Matt Moskal
The Sentient Bookstore
284 Tache Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Folk Rock

Come on down to the cozy and intimate Sentient Bookstore on Tache for an evening of music with Matt Moskal, Velveteen and Grotoko.

Matt Moskal plays a fresh form of Manitoban folk. The Ontario-born troubadour mixes tried-and-true finger plucking and evocative storytelling with lively yet smoky vocal melodies. He delivers confused and compassionate truths with tact. Brutal honesty feels so sweet when it’s cushioned between soft, sentimental acoustic tones. Suited for coffee time after Sunday family meals, a waning August afternoon or those late night moments after your worst breakup.

Velveteen is the solo project of Rachel Letkeman (Trampoline). Combining elements of rock, indie-folk and alt-country, Velveteen delivers raw and honest songwriting which explores the vulnerable territories of the human experience. Very much the musical equivalent of an open diary. 

Grotoko is an art rock project with a sound that is something like a collage inspired by grunge, punk, and classical. Grotoko’s confessional, optimistic, sometimes nonsensical, and occasionally sarcastic, yet honest lyrical style attempts to describe, and make sense of frustrations, anxieties and such through symbolism and other devices. Using countless textures, Grotoko is a melodic celebration of human emotions that will hopefully leave you feeling hugged.




"Bite My Lip" by Matt Moskal



"January Bird Calls" by Grotoko

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