Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 6:30pm
Winnipeg Night Market
3977 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg Night Market will be hosting Rockin’ 4 Dollar$$! 
Yes there is money up for grabs for all you Winnipeg Bands. 
The pot starts at $300 and will keep growing each night until someone wins! $300-$1000 to be won!! Are you guys ready? 

All bands welcome

Rules of the game

-18 years old and older to participate
-You must be a full band
-9:30pm Spin the Wheel time
-Set up time 15 mins
-15 mins to rock the audience
-Must play own cover
-6 Bands only each night of the market 
-Must bring own equipment, guitar/drums etc. (We have the sound system and tech)
-At the end of each night each band spins the wheel to try and hit the jackpot! 
Other prizes to be won. So don’t worry if you don’t hit the $$$$ there are more Winnipeg Night Market events coming soon. 

We would like to thank Craig Hamlin founder of Rockin 4 Dollar$$$ for letting us bring his awesome idea to the Winnipeg Community. Alright Winnipeg let’s get Rockin’ and WIN!!

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