Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 8pm
Marisolle Negash
DJ Louie Lovebird + DJ Super Shonek
171 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Manitoba Music
Synonym Art Consultation
Door Cost


8pm – 2am | 10$ Suggested Donation to Festival, Live Performances by Marisolle, Ming Hon and DJs Louie Lovebird + Super Shonek

Wall-to-Wall takes over the entire Forth building as a full blown Hotel. The night will feature the incomparable Ming Hon, a performance artist and dancer, launching a new immersive piece in which she transforms the entire lower level of Forth into a hotel, complete with all the amenities and happenings one would expect, as well as several that will surprise you. To complement this new work, there will also be a live music performance by Marisolle and dance party with DJs Super Shonek and Louie Lovebird will keep you moving all night long.

Ming Hon will be working in residence downstairs at Forth to research for a new work in progress 'Only the Dead Wear Shoes to Bed'. Developing a performance that will include elements of dance, performance, video, and installation. Hon will create a performance that includes footage prerecorded of herself spending an evening in a hotel room. Projecting these images of herself, she will turn the gallery space into a mock double queen standard hotel room, creating a duet between her past self and the current self. 

The morbidity of the title comes from a line in the Italian neorealist film Ossession. A drifter running away from the mess he has stirred up in a small town is advised to take off his shoes before sleeping. In 'Only the Dead Wear Shoes to Bed', a woman luxuriates in the paramaters of a standard double queen room. For the audience it is slowly revealed that the room is an idyllic imagined refuge from the world outside, pre apocalyptic, warstricken, and blazing from environmental disaster. Playing with the absurdity of clinging onto this clean, privileged, environment of clean white sheets and room service against the raging reality outside. On a ship of fools, the dining room string section dressed in their best formal attire play the Titanic out.

10$ At Door // Not Wheelchair Accessible//Gender Neutral Washrooms


On The Loop by Marisolle Negash




"My Love Is Like..Wo" by Marisolle Negash

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