Sun, Oct 22, 2017 at 8pm
Pleasure Dens
The Good Will Social Club
625 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Door Cost


Wares is a musical project engineered by Edmonton musician Cassia Hardy. From teeth rattling electric convulsions to barely-there, reverb drenched refrains, the musical inflections explored by Wares are as varied as they are enthralling.

Mulligrub is two cancers and an aquarius writing upbeat emo garage pop to have Way Too Many Feelings to. Angry on the outside and tender on the inside, like a burnt marshmallow. Saying no to bros and all white shows since 2013

Originally the solo, experimental electronic outlet of Ali Muhareb, Mujahedeen has expanded to a “post-post-hardcore” band. It’s got the grit and heft you’d expect from post-hardcore, but becomes a different beast with Muhareb’s array of influences like Ethiopian jazz, Turkish psych and more. Embracing a literal translation of "Mujahedeen" meaning "struggle," the band seeks to disrupt the contemporary power structures associated with their name to find liberation through music.

Pleasure Dens is a panicky post-punk 3-piece birthed from the dust jungle of Winnipeg. Dan Unger's frenetic, disorienting drumming and George Penner's clamouring bass form a driving backdrop to Alex Kohut's noisy, effects-laden guitar and desperately shouted lyrics, whose themes range from teenage relationships and muscular dudes to the ever-present allure of giving up on everything


Canadian Classic by Mulligrub




"Homebody" by Mulligrub

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