Fri, Nov 17, 2017 at 9:30pm
Mahogany Frog
Ultra Mega
Marshall and Some Buddies
The Handsome Daughter
61 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Advance Cost

Alt. Country Alternative

$10 Advance Tickets available at The Handsome Daughter

Silent Auction Table will be open all night, prizes will be drawn for between 12:15-12:30am - We are currently seeking prizes for the silent auction, if your business is interested in donating, please contact Mischa Decter at

From Art City S.O.S. Crowdfunding page:
'Art City provides free, life-changing art programs each week to children throughout Winnipeg’s inner city and beyond. These are children that we've worked with for years, building imaginations, skills, and enriching quality of life as we’ve done in West Broadway for nearly two decades.
We are being forced to cut invaluable programs to avoid running out of money while waiting for funding. If the thought of a child being denied their creative voice makes you feel like everything good has gone wrong, then this is your cause.
If this threat to Art City makes you want to get up and fight, then we need your support!
The timing is critical. If ever Art City needed your help, this is it!'


Saffron Myst by Mahogany Frog

Native Alicia by Ultra Mega




"Demon Jigging Spoon" by Mahogany Frog



"A Quick Rest" by Ultra Mega

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