Thu, Jan 11, 2018 at 8pm
Dizzy Mystics
Colour By Numbers
The Good Will Social Club
625 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Door Cost

Alternative Indie Rock

Dizzy Mystics, Colour By Numbers and Ponemah are banding together for a killer, funky, experimental, soulful, fun, dynamic, and original night of Live Winnipeg Music!
Eccentric, genre-promiscuous hard rock.
Dizzy Mystic Soup for the Rocker's Soul;
2 cups Psychedelic
2 cups Progressive
1 cup Hearty 70's Metal
3 tbsp. Jazz
3 tbsp. Funk
2 tbsp. Folk
1 tbsp. Soul
A pinch of Celtic Pepper is optional
(Measurements of each ingredient are subject to change for each batch made)

With the release of their first single Letter (available on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, CdBaby, Google Music, etc), and the return from their first tour, Dizzy Mystics are greased up for a busy 2018 with more singles on the way, then a full debut LP.
But first thing's first, to put on their best show yet come Jan.11th/2018!

90’s Nerd Rock
Colour By Numbers are Winnipeg’s self-professed nerdiest alt-rock band. Drawing on an adolescence of '90s alternative and a hearty influence of folk rock.

Synthesizers, mixed-meter time signatures, four-part harmonies and increasingly ironic lyrics found their ways into the songs, making for a more textured sound and new level of sophistication.

Equal parts Sloan and Weakerthans, CBN’s second EP, Among the Stars, was released in August 2017. The band is busy promoting it and can be found playing any number of Winnipeg-area venues this winter. You can find the new record on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Music. 

Popadelic Psych-core Punk Rawk
Ponemah, the name evoked from a collection of songs written in a small town that bears the same name. Said songs were brought forth from the mind and experiences of a one Jason Hovland (Dust Adam Dust, Chorus Of Versus, National Monument) during two weeks of cabin seclusion during the fall of 2015. Shortly after he enlisted Anna Hovland (Dust Adam Dust) and longtime collaborator Mitchell Gawne (Chorus Of Versus, National Monument) to help shape the project within various recording sessions in what would be know as Cog Miners Lodge Studio. To round out the live band Ernie Wood (English Moccasins, Walkie Talkie) and Micheal Milner (Nocturnal Divinity) joined the fold.

They have been compared to bands such as Heavy Vegetable/Thingy, The Byrds and Stereolab with a bent of psychedelics.


"Thaddeus" - Live by Colour By Numbers




"Letter" by Dizzy Mystics

Among The Stars



"1982" by Colour By Numbers



"Badman" by Ponemah

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