Sat, Apr 21, 2018 at 6pm
Bartley Knives
Zulu Panda
Strong Badger Coffeehouse
679 Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


Bartley Knives is an entertainer first, a guitarist second and a singer when something needs to be said. A member of bands like Sibyl, The Vangoras and formerly one half of The New Wild, Bartley Knives is a solo project dabbling in a variety of genres and volumes. He is in no way affiliated with the Winnipeg Free Press or the CBC - but as the saying goes, any press is good press.

Zulu Panda is folksy charm and raw passion, delivered with an outstanding live presence. Hailing from Vancouver BC, this indie-rock singer-songwriter performed in every province and territory to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Canada in 2017. His music combines heartland rock with grunge while maintaining a pop sensibility. His dynamic sound is matched nicely with warm melodies and Dylanesque storytelling. He is a troubadour of sound, stage and beard. He will be touring Canada from April to August of 2018.


Mocking Birds by Bartley Knives




"Mocking Birds" by Bartley Knives

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