Cantor Dust

Cantor Dust

Alternative New Age Prog Rock


Mark Klassen
Winnipeg MB Canada


The avant-prog, surreal storytelling project Cantor Dust is singer/pianist Mark Klassen, accompanied by electric-cellist Natanielle Felicitas, currently exploring the emptiness that surrounds us as we float through space in search of light. 

Spinning tall tales with lush melodies and arrangements, the project has grown throughout 13 albums from being a stripped-down solo-synth project, to compositions of increasing orchestration, magnitude, fantasy, and intrigue. The new concept album will be released in early 2020.

Cantor Dust’s 2014 rock opera, “I Can’t Find My Cape”, is a towering story of traditional superheroes, having so often saved the world from destruction, now facing a terror from which they are unable (or simply unwilling) to even save themselves. Featuring elegant piano, roaring vocals, rich percussion, swirling guitar, and lyrics as beautiful as they are absurd. One can’t be sure what to expect. Klassen’s singular vision, lush orchestration and powerful voice bring this immense story to life in Cantor Dust’s most compelling and focused album to date. “I Can’t Find My Cape” is a terrific collaboration between Mark Klassen and Jeff Konwalchuck, accompanied by backing vocalists and a small choir of the “Already Dead”, coming from the depths of imagination and creative lucidity.


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