Cassidy Mann

Pop Singer/songwriter

Cassidy Mann


As a lyricist, Anishinaabe singer-songwriter Cassidy Mann often reshapes a small moment into a powerful and poetic song that feels both personal and relatable. 

“My favorite thing is to write about tiny things that make the bigger picture more important somehow,” she says. “It’s interesting to me how memories are interpretable.”

In 2022 she released her first EP on EndXMusic and embarked on her first ever national tour with Donovan Woods, opening for him across Canada in 2022. Since then she has played at Great Escaoe Festival, participated in multiple SOCAN Songwriting Camps, toured with alt pop oufit Dizzy and released three more singles.

Her newest, “Disappointing the Internet” comes from a more introspective place. 

“When I wrote this I was spending a lot of time online but I didn’t feel like I had much to offer in that space. I wasn’t posting anything but was constantly comparing myself to people who were, in every aspect of my life. 

I started to wonder how I’d feel if I stopped going on the internet at all and of course, that’s exactly what I needed at that time. This song is about the dichotomy of not existing in the digital world in order to exist more fully in your real life.”




Cassidy Mann
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Disappointing the Internet by Cassidy Mann

Everblue (Official Lyric Video) by Cassidy Mann


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