Cheaper than Driving

Cheaper than Driving

Alternative Americana Blues Rock


How we began

Two educators and an accountant walk into a bar....
Three passionate music fans from Winnipeg who met hundreds of miles from home at Deep Blues Festival. Several shared adventures at various shows and festivals later, we started thinkin’, we can share this passion closer to home, too. From this friendship, blossomed the idea of bringing the acts we’re most passionate about to Winnipeg.

CTD shows come from a wide range of influences leaning on blues, Americana, punk and hard rock. Whiskey gravel vocals, heavy bass, and crunchy guitar often set the tone and the underlining energy is visceral, raw and primal. These bands aren’t on a Canadian tour making an obligatory stop in Winnipeg. we’ve hand picked these acts for our Winnipeg music family. We've driven many miles discovering these bands, now we bring them to our home, and at the price of a ticket, for you, well it's Cheaper than Driving.

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