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The aim of Clipwing was to come out swinging. hitting the studio before they played their first show, Clipwing got the music right and then moved on to the rest. A blend of rock and punk influenced by The Flatliners, Smoke or Fire, Foo Fighters and more, Clipwing makes loud, energetic and passionate music.

Clipwings first year is littered with landmarks.  They released a split LP with French shredders Icons Down! on The Newform Label (Canada) and 30 Hour Drive Records (France) in July 2013 and toured behind that release in Eastern Canada and Europe. Clipwing released 2 music videos that were featured on Received radio play on multiple college stations and press coverage in The Uniter, Stylus, and Uptown as well as online from:,, For the Love of Punk, Dying Scene, Some Will Never Know and more, and have their name on the tongues and in the ears of some industry heavyweights.

Their second year as a band started off with a Chris Hannah (Propagandhi, Greg MacPherson) produced EP, "Ashford", recorded at Private Ear Studios and released internationally by Coffeebreath and Heartache (Germany), Trilob Records (Netherlands) and Laserlife Records (Austria). The band quickly followed this up with European and Cross Canada tours including an appearance at Pouzza Fest in Montreal.

Clipwing continued the tradition of taking the show on the road by touring Canada with Dutch political rockers Antillectual, followed by an acoustic tour of Europe with Swiss sensation Migre Le Tigre.

"Dirty Lights and Wet Streets" is the newest release from the band - a short and powerful pairing of songs that showcase the bands progression toward a dark and electric sound.

Now in the throes of writing their first full length record, Clipwing are set to put some miles on the odometer this year in their quest to put a tune in the ear and a smile on the faces of their friends and fans. Stay tuned, things are about to get big.




"Flash Paper"



"Dirty Lights"



"Wet Streets"


Ashford Album Preview by Clipwing

Iowa by Clipwing

What I'm With Isn't It by Clipwing


Dirty Lights and Wet Streets

Dirty Lights and Wet Streets Clipwing

Released: May 10, 2017

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Ashford Clipwing

Released: April 25, 2015

Producer: Chris Hannah

Label: Coffeebreath and Heartache (Germany), Laserlife Records (Austria), Trilob Records (Netherlands)

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Clipwing Clipwing

Released: July 20, 2013

Label: Newform Label

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Worst Days Down
The Handsome Daughter
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