Colour By Numbers

Colour By Numbers

Alternative Indie Pop Rock


Colour By Numbers are Winnipeg’s self-professed nerdiest alt-rock band. Drawing on an adolescence of '90s alternative and a hearty influence of folk rock, Jared Adams and Alex Kozub hammered out the group’s first EP, Colour By Numbers in 2013. “Colour By Numbers has a gift for making harmony the focal point of every song, […] tying this eclectic rootsy indie pop EP together,” praised the Uniter in their review of the album.

Around 2014, the band rounded out its sound with the additions of punk-rocker/band-geek Mike McDermid (drums, vocals), and celebrated Winnipeg multi-instrumentalist Jesse Millar (guitar, synth, percussion, vocals, flannel). Before long, songwriting, formerly a solitary task, became a group effort, with everyone chiming in to flesh out arrangements, chords, and words. Synthesizers, mixed-meter time signatures, four-part harmonies and increasingly ironic lyrics found their ways into the songs, making for a more textured sound and new level of sophistication.

Equal parts Sloan and Weakerthans, CBN’s second EP, Among the Stars, was released on August 11, 2017 on Spotify, Apple MusicGoogle Music and Bandcamp. They promoted the release by performing on Global Morning News, as well the singles off the EP “We Did It All” and “1982” have received radio play on CBC Radio One.



1982 by Colour By Numbers

We Did It All by Colour By Numbers

Among The Stars by Colour By Numbers

Ordinary Boy by Colour By Numbers

The Great Gatsby by Colour By Numbers


Among The Stars

Among The Stars Colour By Numbers

Released: August 11, 2017

Producer: John Paul Peters

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The Great Gatsby (Single)

The Great Gatsby (Single) Colour By Numbers

Released: September 5, 2014

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The Colour By Numbers EP

The Colour By Numbers EP Colour By Numbers

Released: April 17, 2013

Producer: Graham Leverick

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FallJam RockFest Showcase
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