Crash The Andes

Crash The Andes

Acoustic Singer/songwriter


Myles Palmquist
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 294 6212


Manitoba born and raised, a Winnipeg local, barely stepping foot outside of Osborne Village through his mid 20s. And then...

Crash The Andes was on the road.

For 10 years.

Not on tour, but, long haul trucking. Delivering steel and lumber to every corner of the continent, with a notepad riding shotgun and a guitar in the bunk.

A project of Myles Palmquist, Crash The Andes is an expression of 10 years of freedom married to isolation. Intricate acoustic guitar compositions courting bold vocal melodies. Known for live performances that sweep from choruses so powerful to verses so eerily quiet, they silence the noisiest venues. As dynamic as the landscapes he traveled from coast to coast, border to border.

Throughout his trucking career, if Myles wasn't driving, he was writing and crafting songs. Building a confident catalogue he is now excited to share, he has begun recording what will be his first release in a decade.


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