Deadlines & Opportunities

Thanks for checking out our deadlines page! We try to update the deadlines on Fridays. If you have a professional deadline you want to be considered for inclusion, please email

Manitoba Music Opportunities

Showcase Opportunity: Come Together (Toronto) l Deadline: July 1

New Music Night l Deadline: Ongoing

BPM | Black Professionals in Music | Deadline: Ongoing

BPM Guest Curators | Deadline: Ongoing

Madwewetoon Guest Curators | Deadline: Ongoing

Manitoba Music Song of the Week | Deadline: Ongoing (Updated Thursdays)

Manitoba Music Spotify Playlist | Deadline: Ongoing (Updated Fridays)

Volunteers | Deadline: Ongoing

Performance Opportunities

The Beer Can
The Beer Can at the Granite is seeking solo performers for their mellow Monday evening series on the forest stage, Under the Evergreens.
Please apply with name of act, brief description, and less than three relevant links to your music, performance, or persona.
This is a paid gig, performers must be comfortable as their own tech, on a small PA.
A minimum of two 45 minute sets of covers or original material is expected.
Apply to

Salamander Summer Music Festival
Now booking artists for second annual festival at Brandon's Rideau Park, July 19 – 21, 2024.
Live music programming including DJs, local bands, university artists, performance troupes, and more. Sending bios and samples to
Deadline: Ongoing

Performers for Seniors Housing Complex
Details: Looking for musicians (solo, duo, trio) in a variety of genres. Monthly afternoon performances (usually third Monday). Paid performance. Must be able to work with seniors. Contact: Shona McCormick, 204.837.2305 /
Deadline: Ongoing

Details: Looking for singers to produce, distribute, and promote shows of soloists, duos, and trios for specific residential and corporate clients. Contact Carlos Ecos at, 431-451-6945
Deadline: Ongoing

Calls for Submissions & Other Opportunities 

CBC Music's Searchlight 2024 l Deadline: June 25

Canadian Creative Accelerator Music Tech Program l Deadline: July 12

The Port Authority Music Export Academy | Deadline: July 31

Call for Applications: Micro-Certificate in Songmaking l Deadline: Sep 1

Banff Musicians in Residence Winter 2025 l Sep 11

The Village Conservatory for Music Theatre: Forks Project l Deadline: TBA

Songwriters Association of Canada Pro Songwriting Camp l Deadline: Unknown

Call for Nominations: Billboard Canada Women In Music l Deadline: Unknown

Women in Music Canada Directory | Deadline: Ongoing

Showcase Opportunities

Folk Alliance International l Deadline: June 28


Call for Nominations: Canadian Folk Music Awards l Deadline: July 18 

Grants & Funding 

Canada Council for the Arts

Creating, Knowing and Sharing: The Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples
Travel | Deadline: Any time before your departure date
Small-Scale Activities | Deadline: Any time before the start date of your project/activity
Short Term Projects | Deadlines: July 17, Nov 20

Arts Across Canada
Travel | Deadline: Any time before your departure date
Representation and Promotion | Deadline: Any time before your departure date
Circulation and Touring | Deadline: Any time before the start of your project/activity 
Translation | Deadlines: Sep 25
Foreign Artist Tours | Deadline: Any time before the start date of your project or event
Public Outreach | Deadlines: Aug 21

Arts Abroad
Travel | Deadline: Any time before your departure date
Representation and Promotion | Deadline: Any time before your departure date
Translation | Deadline: Any time before you complete the translation
Circulation and Touring | Deadline: June 26, Oct 30
Residencies | Deadline: Any time before your departure date

Explore and Create
Professional Development for Artists | Deadline: Ongoing
Research and Creation | Deadline: Ongoing
Concept to Realization - Project Grants | Deadline: Ongoing

Engage and Sustain
Artistic Catalysts | Deadline: Jan 15, 2024
Artistic Institutions | Deadline: Jan 15, 2025

Supporting Artistic Practice
Sector Innovation and Development | Deadline: Oct 16
Support Organizations | Deadline: Jan 21, 2026
National Arts Service Organizations | Deadline: Jan 21, 2026

>>> More CCA cut-off and deadline details 

Juried Sound Recording (Album) | Deadline: Sep 12 (new apps can be created from July 15)
Songwriter Development | Rolling deadline. Applications must be submitted at least one calendar day before travel departure.
Video | Rolling deadlines
Live Performance | Rolling deadlines, at least one day before the start of the trip
Sponsorship | Applications must be submitted at the latest three months prior to the start date of the proposed event/project
Collective Initiatives (Period Four) | Deadline: May 1 (for events between Sep 1 - Dec 31)

Manitoba Arts Council
Learn - Travel/Professional Development | Deadlines: July 15, Sep 1, Oct 15, Dec 1
Share – Present | Deadline: Sep 10
Share – Artists in Schools | Deadline: Oct 5
Create | Deadline: Oct 10 
Indigenous 360 | Deadline: Oct 25
Support – Operate (payment request) | Deadline: Nov 15
Recognize – Competitions | Deadline: Nov 15
Recognize – Prizes (Manitoba Arts Award of Distinction) | Deadline: Dec 15  

Manitoba Film & Music
Produce | Deadlines: Sep 19, Jan 16
Produce - Out-of-Province Artists | Deadlines: Sep 19, Jan 16
Build | Deadline: June 13
Promote | Deadline: Ongoing
Perform | Deadline: Ongoing

Manitoba Music
Market Access Fund | Application Deadlines:

May 20, 2024 (Events June 1 to August 31)
August 12, 2024 (Events September 1 to October 31)
October 7, 2024 (Events November 1 to January 31)
January 13, 2025 (Events February 1 to March 31)
February 24, 2025 (Final deadline of the year for late confirmations to March events)
Or 30 days before travel for events not on the approved events list

!earshot distro
MAPL!e Grant | Deadline: July 31

Commercialisation Internationale | Un mois avant le début des activités
Démarchage | 10 jours ouvrables avant le départ
Développement des marchés internationaux | 6 semaines avant l’événement  

Radio Starmaker Fund
Round 90 | Deadlines: May 30, Sep 26 

Get Set. Get Paid. (Online Concert Royalties) | Deadline: ongoing

SOCAN Foundation
Relief Fund | Deadline: Ongoing
Professional Development Assistance Program | Deadline: ongoing
Travel Assistance Program | Deadline: Ongoing

Winnipeg Arts Council
Professional Research & Development Grant | Deadline: At least 4 weeks prior to the start of the proposed activity

Job & Volunteer Opportunities 

On Screen Manitoba
Position: Programs Coordinator
Position: Membership + Communications Specialist
Deadline: June 15