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Introducing “Dr. Henry Band-a Afro Jazz Groove Collection” A Vibrant Fusion of Jazz and Afro-Fusion beat based in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). Dr. Henry Band is an 8-piece Francophone/Anglophone Nigerian Afro-beat, soul, jazz band, formed in 2019 from a collection of Funk-loving jazz nerds, inspired by the legendary, infectious sound of Fela Kuti and captivating improvisations of jazz. 

In the pulsating heart of the global music scene, emerges the exhilarating sound of Dr. Henry Band. This dynamic ensemble breathes new life into the realms of jazz and Afro-Fusion beat, drawing inspiration from the legendary Fela Kuti himself. With infectious rhythms, sizzling saxophone lines, electrifying bass, and captivating improvisations, this band is here to ignite your soul and transport you to the vibrant streets of Lagos, Nigeria, and the smoky jazz clubs of New Orleans.

Led by the visionary Henry Onwuchekwa, Dr. Henry Band is an 8-piece Nigerian Afro-beat, soul, jazz band, formed in 2019 from a collection of Funk-loving jazz nerds, they are a collective of virtuosic musicians hailing from diverse musical backgrounds. Together, they create a fusion of sounds that bridge the gaps between continents and connect people through the universal language of music. 

Henry Onwuchekwa, an afro-jazz luminary in his own right, carries the spirit of Fela Kuti within him, blending the Afrobeat, Neo-soul, and Polyrhythmic titans with the rich harmonic tapestry of jazz. Drawing from their Nigerian heritage and their extensive training in jazz studies. Dr. Henry Band weaves together intricate melodies and infectious grooves, taking listeners on a captivating journey of self-expression and liberation
The band’s rhythm section is an unstoppable force, anchored by the pulsating beats of Stephen Okaku on the drums, and Jeremy Nanakeme on the keyboard, fueling the fire of the ensemble is the expertly crafted guitar lines of Victor Lopez, who seamlessly blends West African highlife and jazz guitar stylings, creating an intoxicating fusion of sounds that pay homage to Fela’s pioneering guitarists. 

The horn section, consisting of Kayla Amladas on the Trombone, and Scott Senior on the percussionist, bringing an explosive energy to the forefront, with their soaring melodies and fiery solos. They create a wall of sound that commands attention and transports audiences to the heart of the afro-jazz experience. Ava plays the incredible Baritone Sax, and the Tenor Sax is played by Joyce, together they create a sound full of soul and passion, lifting the room with dance and heart-beating temples. With Henry's vibrant stage presence and deep-rooted grooves on the bass, he is not only a personality: he embodies an infectious energy that lights up the whole stage. 

 Their infectious polyrhythms and unrelenting energy channel the blended sounds of jazz, funk, R&B, and soul Infusing the music with an irresistible hip-shaking pulse that will make you move. 

Dr. Henry Band delivers a live performance that transcends boundaries. They have captivated audiences at prestigious festivals and venues around Manitoba and expanding cities, leaving a trail of dance-filled nights and unforgettable memories.
In a time when the world needs unity and celebration, Dr. Henry Band’s music serves as a powerful force for change and positivity, so get ready to groove, sway and let the music take you on a journey like no other. Dr. Henry Band is here to reignite the spirit of Fela Kuti, infused with the dynamism of jazz, to create an unforgettable experience that will leave you uplifted, inspired, and hungry for more.



Abena Totimeh
Calgary AB Canada T3M3H1
1 647 208 2283
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