Dust Rhinos

Dust Rhinos

Celtic Folk Punk Rock


If your band consists of fiddles, mandolins, and something called a bodhran, and your audience looks like it could hold its own at a soccer hooligan convention, you'd bloody well better be able to use those instruments to mercifully bludgeon that rumbly bunch with a Celtic sonic assault that will leave them pounding on the bar, picking each other up off the Guinness-soaked floor, and screaming for one more song. It also wouldn't hurt if your combined weight is roughly that of the Canadian women's hockey team in full gear. Fortunately the Dust Rhinos have both. They're big men with a monster sound. A sound rooted in an ancient time and a faraway place. Using traditional airs, reels, and jigs the Rhinos conjure up the Ireland of olde with leprechauns, shamrocks, tweed caps, and "sure and begorrah." And then, like a shillelagh wrapped in a potato sack, they knock the bejeebers out of that green and lovely image and unleash a freight train loaded with banshees and the furious ghost of Cuchulainn.




"Blood Red Roses" from Plain Sailing

I Should Behave



"Drive All Night" from I Should Behave



"The Day After the Night Before" from The Day After the Night Before


The Mingulay Boat Song by Dust Rhinos

The Ballad of Billy Miner by Dust Rhinos

I Should Behave by Dust Rhinos


Plain Sailing

Plain Sailing Dust Rhinos

Released: January 15, 2017

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I Should Behave

I Should Behave Dust Rhinos

Released: January 24, 2015

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The Day After The Night Before

The Day After The Night Before Dust Rhinos

Released: September 19, 2009

Producer: The Dust Rhinos

Label: Self Released

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Second Set

Second Set Dust Rhinos

Released: January 27, 2007

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Up Your Kilt

Up Your Kilt Dust Rhinos, Dust Rhinos

Released: January 1, 2003

Producer: Brandon Friesen, Rob Shallcross

Label: Studio 11 Records

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  Bill Venue  
AllStar Jam-uary 2020
AllStar Jam-uary 2020
Dust Rhinos
Billy Joe Green
Tom Dutiaume Band
Metropolitan Entertainment Centre
281 Donald Street
Winnipeg, MB

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