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El Leon and The Strangers


El Leon and The Strangers aims at making you rock, dance and think critically. They write and sing original songs that go from the whimsical and fun part of life to the thoughtful and sometimes unsettling lyrics about social realities. It is a band formed by South American rockers established in Winnipeg.  Together they fusion Rock with folk elements from each of their cultures of origin, using a myriad of world instruments such as hand drums, charangos, quena, accordions, among others.  During their first year, the band played almost every venue at their local scene of Winnipeg.  In 2019 the band released their first single called “Cumbia Baby” produced by John Paul Peters and engineered at Private Ear Studios in Winnipeg.  Promoting that single they played in various out of province venues including The Marquee, Calgary, AB, The 40 Brandon, MB, and Festival Latin festival in Calgary.  In that festival, they opened for the Chilean Rock Legend “Los Prisioneros”. In 2020 El León and The Strangers booked a series of Festivals and performances including a western Canada tour to promote both Ladrón produce also by J.P Peters at Private Ear Studio and Pájaro Cantor, produced by Jaime Chinchilla at Indestructible Productions.



Jaime Chinchilla
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 725 0075



El León interview with Witch Police Radio by El Leon and The Strangers

Devolve la bolsa @The Garrick by El Leon and The Strangers

El Leon - Cumbia Baby (live) by El Leon and The Strangers

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El Leon - Ladron (live) by El Leon and The Strangers

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