Erin Propp

Folk Jazz Singer/songwriter

Erin Propp


There is nuance in the everyday. in its layers of love, joy, and hurt, and in its emotional currents ever present. Erin reaches into the everyday and blurs the edges, creating works that are at once deeply personal and achingly relatable. These are songs that take it all in, that read between the lines, that hear the subtext, that feel it, that say it out loud.

Her voice rings true with nuance and power, with rare clarity and precision. It is a tool of exacting expression, expertly honed. It reaches in to resonate. calling the listener inside, sounding the overtones of our shared experience.

Erin’s debut album Courage, My Love (2012), written and produced with long-time collaborator Larry Roy, was met with praise and acclaim. The recording won Best Jazz Album of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards (2013), and a Juno nomination in the category of Vocal Jazz Album of the Year (2014). Their second effort, We Want All the Same Things (2021), received international critical success, with another WCMA nomination and reaching CBC’s top albums of that year.

As a Juno-nominated, WCMA-winning recording artist, Erin has established herself as a mainstay in the Manitoba music scene and is known across Canada for her interpretation of melody within the jazz genre. A guest vocalist on an array of albums in jazz (Jon Gordon, Luke Sellick, Mike Janzen), folk (Steve Bell), and rock (Hello Fiasco), a longtime educator, guest speaker and festival adjudicator, Erin builds community and connection in all aspects of her artistic practice.

Erin Propp continues to defy labeling with her new solo show launched in 2023. Known as an effortless vocal talent, Erin’s signature discerning and empathy-laden lyrics find their way through harmonies from jazz, pop and folk music, with soaring melodies. Undoubtedly influenced by her recent teachers, Luciana Souza and Michelle Willis, Erin’s songs still hearken back to her oldest song writing roots – the women of 1970s Laurel Canyon, the Great American Songbook, and the powerhouse Canadian women artists from the 1990s.


Erin Propp
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 889 6121


Courage, My Love



"He Cries (The Breathing)" from Courage, My Love


LOFT SESSIONS "He Cries (The Breathing)" by Erin Propp

Am I Alright? by Erin Propp

He Cries (The Breathing) by Erin Propp

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